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EYC Club Policy (Updated December 1, 2017)


  1. Application Policy and Procedures
  2. Maintenance of a Waiting List
  3. Interviews
  4. Changes in Membership Status
  5. Resignation and Reapplication
  6. Forfeiture and Termination
  7. Leave of Absence
  8. Honorary Members

A. Application Policy and Procedures

1.  Introduction of the Applicant to EYC

Persons may apply for membership in one of EYC’s membership categories by first associating and socializing as a guest of current Members. The objective of this process is for the membership to familiarize the Applicant with the maritime heritage, spirit, goals, objectives, operations, and philosophy of EYC and its membership. Once familiar with the Club and its membership, a potential Applicant shall require a minimum of two Voting Members to support their Application for membership in EYC. Those members must have been Voting Members for a minimum of six months and remain Voting Members throughout the application process.

2.  Responsibilities of the Sponsor and Endorser

A Voting Member will be the Applicant’s Sponsor and another Voting Member will be the Applicant’s Endorser. It shall be the responsibility of these two Members to familiarize the Applicant with the application process. Should the Applicant become a member of the Club, it is the responsibility of these members to assume stewardship of the new member to assure they become integrated into the EYC family.

3.  How to apply

The Applicant’s Sponsor will obtain an EYC Membership Application Process Form from the office. Upon receipt of the form, the Sponsor will request the Applicant complete the “Membership Information” portion of the form, attach a non-refundable $100 Administrative Processing Fee, and return the form to the Sponsor. The Sponsor will then complete the “Sponsor” portion of the form and forward it to the Endorser designated by the Applicant who will complete the “Endorser” portion of the form. The completed Application and Administrative Processing Fee is then forwarded to the Membership Committee to review the application for completeness and Applicant’s qualifications for membership and, if acceptable, the Applicant’s name will be assigned a unique Wait List number and be placed on the Wait List. Upon acceptance of the completed Membership Application Form, a letter will be sent to inform the Applicant that the application process has been initiated. The Applicant will either be a) placed on the Waiting List for Voting Membership; or b) notified that they are scheduled for an interview with the Membership Committee. If required, the Membership Committee will maintain a Waiting List of Applicants for Voting Membership. A listing of Applicants on the Waiting List is posted for Member review on the Membership Bulletin Board.

 4.  Applicant interview

The Membership Committee will coordinate the scheduling of interviews. The Applicant and their Sponsor and Endorser will be notified by letter of the date and time of the interview. For Voting, Associate and Junior Membership Applicants, the Applicant and the Sponsor (and/or the Endorser) are required to attend the Membership Committee interview. Non-resident Applicants, at the discretion of the Membership Committee, may be interviewed in absentia, in which case it is mandatory that the Sponsor and/or the Endorser attend the interview and represent the Applicant. In all cases, should the Applicant or Sponsor/Endorser fail to attend the scheduled interview appointments on two scheduled appointments the Applicant shall, at the discretion of the Membership Committee, be dismissed from further membership consideration.

5.  Posting application for review

The Membership Committee will, within five working days following the interview, post the Applicant’s application for membership review. The application will be posted for a minimum of four weeks in the Clubhouse. A list of the Posted Applicants and Sponsors may be included in the monthly View from the Bridge. During the period of posting, Voting Members may comment on the application by submitting their signed comments in writing to the Membership Committee. All such comments will be held in strictest confidence by the Membership Committee.

6.  Vote on applications and welcome new Member

At each scheduled monthly meeting of the Membership Committee, all Applications posted for four weeks or more will be voted upon. An Applicant receiving a positive vote from a quorum of the Membership Committee will be considered approved. The Applicant will be informed, by letter that they have been accepted, or not accepted, as a member of EYC. Acceptance is contingent upon receipt of the current Initiation Fee and a commitment to pay the pro-rated annual dues stated in Schedule A of the EYC By-laws. Upon receipt of payment, an EYC Member Number will be assigned and a Membership Packet will be mailed to the new Member. Applicants not accepted for membership may, at their discretion, re-apply six calendar months following receipt of a non-acceptance letter.

7.  Club use by an applicant

Until membership is granted, Applicants are considered guests in the Club. As such, they are not authorized access to or use of EYC facilities without being signed in and accompanied by a current Member.

B. Maintenance of a Waiting List (Only for Applicants to Voting Membership)

When the Voting Membership roll reaches six hundred (600), a waiting list is established for subsequent Applicants. When a waiting list exists, applications for Voting Member are received by the Membership Committee and are logged and considered in the order they were received.

C. Interviews

1.  Voting Members and Associate Members

Each Applicant will be interviewed by the Membership Committee unless the interview is waived, as might be the case with: a fleeting up Associate; or Junior Member; a spouse of a deceased Voting Member requesting assumption of that membership; a spouse of a current Voting Member petitioning to transfer Membership; or a re-applicant.

2.  Non-Resident Members

The application procedure is the same as that for a Voting Member, except that, if the Applicant cannot be interviewed, the Sponsor must be.

3.  Junior Members

The application procedure is the same as that for a Voting Member, except that no interview is required.

4.  Spouse of prospective Voting Members

Spouses of prospective Voting Members are identified by name on the application. Although no interview is required, spouses are welcome at the Membership Committee’s Interview and Orientation session.

D. Changes in Membership Status

1.  Voting Member to Non-Resident Member

Voting Members in good standing may request to change their status for the coming year (effective January 1) to that of Non-Resident, provided they meet the Non-Resident qualifications. The written request must be submitted to the Membership Committee and Business office by November 15th, and include the reason for the change, the member’s plans, and timeframes if returning to the area. If the Voting Member requests a change to Non-Resident sooner than January 1 of the following year, the written request must also be submitted to the EYC Board of Directors for vote, and the change if approved would be effective at the beginning of the next quarter. If the member has a residence in Maryland or berths a yacht in the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay, the request may only be approved if the member is out of the state of Maryland for 12 months or longer.

2.  Non-Resident Members who were former Voting Members

Reference: EYC By-laws Article V, Section 1B.

3.  Junior Member to Associate Member

Reference: EYC By-laws Article V, Section 1D.

4.  Associate Member to Voting Member or Non-Resident Member

An Associate Member has four years to pay the remainder of the Initiation Fee as set forth in the EYC Bylaws upon fleeting up to Voting Member.

5.  Surviving Spouse of a Voting Member

The surviving spouse of a Voting Member in good standing will be given an opportunity to assume the deceased spouse’s membership by submitting a letter of request to the Membership Committee and keeping the deceased spouse’s membership dues current. The Membership Committee and the Board will act upon the request (see EYC By-laws Article V, Section 1A).

6.  Spouse of a Voting Member to a Voting Member

A spouse of a Voting Member may become a Voting Member by applying according to the regular procedure and paying the current fee. The application will be processed in the usual and customary manner for a new Member.

A Voting Member may transfer his/her membership to his/her legal spouse by submitting a letter of request to the Membership Committee and the Board, indicating when transfer should take place and that the spouse will be responsible for all indebtedness owed to EYC as of that date. The Membership Committee and the Executive Board will act upon the request.

7. Voting Member to Senior Member

Eligible Voting Members who wish to transition to Senior Member must submit their request for transition to Senior Member status by December 31 of the current year for consideration during the next calendar year, in accordance with Club Policies and procedures.

The Membership Committee shall:

  • Maintain a list of requests that have not been acted upon, nor withdrawn.
  • Arrange all requests for Senior Membership by membership number, regardless of date received, age of applicant, or any other criteria.
  • At the first Membership Committee meeting held after March 1st, the Membership Committee shall determine the number of Voting Members in good standing and the number of prospective Voting Member applications on the Waiting List.

The Board shall:

  • At the first Board meeting held after the Membership Committee has determined the numbers as described above, grant Senior Member status to a number of requestors, said number not to exceed the number of Voting Member applications on the Waiting List.

Commencing January 1, 2015 (and not prior to that date), the effective date of the transition from Voting Member to Senior Member will be January 1 of the year in which Senior Member status has been granted. Any dues or fees paid above the Senior Member rate for that time period between January 1 and the date the Senior Member status is granted will be credited toward that Senior Member’s annual dues.

Once submitted, a request for Senior Member status stays active, meaning that if not granted in the first one-year cycle, the applicant does not have to re-submit her or his request for the following cycle, although it may be bumped back by a request from a member with a lower membership number.

A requestor may withdraw her/his request for Senior Member status at any time.

A Senior Member who wishes to change back to Voting Member status may do so by application to the Membership Committee.

E. Resignation and Reapplication

1.  Notification

A Member wishing to resign from EYC shall send a letter to the Business Office with a check for any outstanding dues and other amounts owed. If the amount owed is not included, the Member’s resignation status is termed “not in good standing.”

2.  Reapplication

Should a former Member wish to reapply for membership, an application for consideration will be processed by the Membership Committee in the usual and customary manner. Re-applicants shall pay all fees outlined in Schedule A of the By-laws; in calculating the amount due, the re-applicant shall be entitled to a dollar-for dollar credit in the amount of any Initiation Fee previously paid toward the Initiation Fee payable under Schedule A at the time of re-admission. If the re-applicant is a former Member who resigned in good standing after they became the Spouse of another Member, the initiation fee will be waived. Upon acceptance a membership number shall be issued to the applicant by the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee may elect to waive an interview.

If the Member resigned “not in good standing”, the application may be refused. The applicant may appeal to the Executive Board for its forbearance, pay the amounts owed plus any penalties the Executive Board wishes to apply, and submit the application according to the normal procedure.

F. Forfeiture and Termination

Reference: EYC By-laws, Article XII, Section 4 – 2.

G. Leave of Absence

A Voting Member in good standing may petition the Executive Board to grant a Leave of Absence for up to one (1) year based on personal hardship (illness, loss of job, etc.). A request for a Leave of Absence shall include an explanation of the underlying circumstances sufficient to allow the Board to understand and consider the personal hardship that forms the basis for the request: as a general matter, anticipated non-use of the Club alone will not be deemed sufficient to establish grounds for a Leave of Absence. During this period, the Member is exempt from dues and assessment payment, but is no longer entitled to any of the privileges of Membership.

Such a Member will be subject to payment, on return, of any assessments, special or otherwise, paid by Voting Members during the duration of the leave.

H. Honorary Membership

The in-office Mayor of Annapolis, the current Ward 8 Alderman, and the incumbent Director of the Annapolis Maritime Museum will be Honorary Members of the Eastport Yacht Club for the length of their terms. Honorary Memberships will be offered to EYC Foundation Outstanding Marine Wizard awardees (up to 6 concurrently) for the length of their class terms, which will be from the time they are named until the end of the second quarter of the year when the next class of Wizards are named, or a maximum of 2 years, whichever comes first. If the Wizard is an EYC member, dues will be waived and assessments will be suspended during the Wizard’s class term.

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