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EYC Club Policy (Updated December 1, 2017)


  1. Primary Marina Rules
  2. Clean Marina
  3. Hoist Usage
  4. Tractor Usage
  5. Regattas/Special Events
  6. Transient Use
  7. Dry Storage
  8. Loading and Unloading
  9. Tenant Absence
  10. Visiting Boats
  11. Severe Weather
  12. Marina Waiting List

For purposes of these policies, the marina shall encompass the wet slips, the trailer and dolly dry sailing area and the racks for kayaks and small boats. Only EYC Members in good standing may rent space in the marina. In the event demand for space in the marina exceeds the supply, space will be allocated as follows: Voting Members and Associate Members, Senior Members, Junior Members and prospective members on the Wait List.

Each Marina Tenant will receive a Boat Slip Agreement, a copy of which is to be signed by both the Member and an EYC representative, and kept on file at the Club Business Office. The Club Manager will furnish each dry slip holder a sticker which must be affixed to the boat’s trailer or dolly or in the case of kayaks and small boats, affixed to the vessel (on either the starboard bow or transom). Boats without stickers will be subject to towing or removal without notice. The owner of the boat will be subject to all fees including preparation of the boat for towing or removal and will be responsible for all damages which the boat may incur.

Non-payment of dues resulting in forfeiture of membership without reinstatement (see By-laws Article XII) will also result in the concurrent loss of the slip. Non-payment of slip fees will also result in the loss of the slip.

A. Primary Marina Rules

It is expected that everyone using the marina shall show consideration for the rights and comfort of other Members and their guests. Guests and transients (including visiting yachtsmen from other clubs) are requested not to disturb docking lines, hoses, fenders, power lines, or other items belonging to permanent slip holders.

All rules are to be followed by Members and guests as posted in the marina. No live-aboards shall occupy the marina.

Refuse and garbage, including cans and bottles, must not be thrown overboard. Such items must be placed in the trash containers provided either in the marina area or the fenced in dumpster in front of the club house.

B. Clean Marina

EYC is a ‘Clean Marina’. Any cleaning or painting activities on the yard are to be done in an environmentally responsible manner (i.e. use of drop cloth to collect particulate and debris).

C. Hoist Usage

Marina Tenants qualified in their operation have the right to use of the hoists. Other members may use the hoists with approval of the Club Office, Marina Committee Chairperson or, in their absence, a designee. Non-Marina Tenants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to operating the hoists.

The hoists will be locked and tied off when not in use. The last person to launch or haul is asked to secure the hoist and install the padlock.

D. Tractor Usage

Marina Tenants qualified in their operation have the right to use the tractors. Other Members may use the tractor with approval of the Club Office, Marina Committee Chairperson, or, in their absence, a designee. Non-Marina Tenants will be required to sign a liability waiver prior to operating the tractor. No one under the age of 16 may operate the tractors. The last person to use the tractor is requested to place the cover on the tractor.

E. Regattas/Special Events

Event/Regatta Coordinators must be in contact with the marina management in adequate time to assure minimum impact on the marina tenants. Adequate attention must be given to ensure that the marina is not damaged in any way.

The Race Committee/Event Committee chair will notify affected tenants in advance if their slip use will be affected by a Club event.

F. Transient Use

The marina is available for transient use by members, their guests and members of Yacht Clubs with reciprocal privileges. Transient yachtsmen are encouraged to reserve ahead of time with the club office. Transient storage fees apply for slips, jetties and dry storage areas. The rates will be on a per diem basis as determined by the Marina Committee. Prior approval for transient use must be authorized by the Club Office, Marina Committee Chairperson, or, in their absence, a designee.

EYC members may use unoccupied slips inside the marina at no cost for the first two days.

For purposes of transient use the marina is comprised of the A Dock and Jetty, the floating B Dock, the C Dock and Jetty, the Pump Out Jetty and the dinghy dock. Separate rules apply for each dock to accommodate the varied uses of the marina.

The A Dock and C Dock and their respective Jetties are available for short term transient use unless otherwise posted. All users of the Jetty must move their boats in as close as possible to shore. Access to the fairways must be maintained at all times to allow tenants to reach their slips and the hoist. Space on the Jetties may be reserved up to thirty days in advance by contacting the club office. Members reserving space must post signage to indicate the member’s name and dates that the space is reserved.

Club members and visitors are reminded that the dockage adjacent to the hoist (floating B Dock) is to remain clear to facilitate boats being pulled or launched into the marina. Once a boat is hoisted into the marina, boats should be moved as far down the dock and away from the hoist as possible. If boats are to be tied temporarily to this dock, it is requested that boats be moved as far down the dock and away from the hoist as possible. Once a boat is hoisted into or out of the water, the trailer should be moved back to its assigned parking spot. The hoist will be locked and tied off when not in use.

As a reminder, Club Policy designates the C Dock Jetty for Race Committee use when regattas are in progress. When no regattas are scheduled, this dockage is available for short term docking. Please check in with club staff manager on duty to advise them of your arrival. Please dock your boats as close as possible to shore. Minimize space between docked boats to maximize docking spaces.

Boats docking on the C Dock Jetty closest to the floating dinghy dock should stand off and maintain 10 foot gap (from the North end of the floating dock) to ensure floating dock users have the option to launch from the North end of the dock. Small boats that tie up to the floating dock are reminded to tie to rope rings on the edge of dock and not the cleats across the floating dock on the C Dock.

The Pump Out Jetty must not be obstructed and is not available for transient use.

Transient use of the floating B Dock is limited to boats of 26’ feet or less by members or their guests for periods not to exceed 2 hours. Transients must remain on EYC property in order to reposition their boat should it obstruct the lift slips. Transients will notify the office and bar staff when the boat is docked so that a lift slip holder may call and have the boat relocated in the event it is preventing access to or from the lift slips.

Boats may not raft up while docked on the floating B Dock. Docking at the T end of the floating B Dock is strictly prohibited.

G. Dry Storage

Vehicles and trailers must not block the storage area while being rigged and unrigged. Trailers must be left in their assigned space after a boat is in the water. Boats in the water must not impede the use of the hoist or access to the basin, and should not be left unattended. Dock boxes, sail storage tubes and other ancillary equipment must be permanently attached to the trailer and may not extend beyond the beam or length of the boat. Ladders, dollies and other movable equipment must be stored on the trailer or in the boat. Trailers must be in roadworthy condition to allow the boats to be relocated within the marina.

Optimist dinghy rack storage is coordinated by the Jr. Fleet Chairperson.

H. Loading and Unloading

Vehicle parking is not allowed in the dry slip area. Loading or unloading is permitted when the owner is present, provided it does not interfere with the necessary free movement of boats.

I. Tenant Absence

Boats leaving for more than three (3) days shall notify the Club Office of the expected date of departure and return so that the slip may be made available for transient use and will be open when the slip holder returns.

J. Visiting Boats

Any visiting boats being brought in for an event must not be brought on site more than one week prior to the event. Prior approval for transient use (provided space is available) must be authorized by the Club Office, Marina Committee Chairperson, or, in his/her absence, a designee. All visiting boats must check in with the Club Office upon arrival and be stored where directed and be removed from the marina and dry slip areas by the week-end following the event.

K. Severe Weather Conditions

All tenants are responsible for the safety of their own boats in the event of severe weather. Tenants are encouraged to make plans for removing their boats from EYC, if possible, during severe weather. We strongly recommend boats be moved to a secure location in the event of a major storm. The EYC Hurricane Preparedness Plan can be found in the Member Access area on the website. Member Access/Ashore/ClubDocuments/MemberDocuments/Member Reference Manuals/EYC Hurricane Preparedness Plan.

L. Marina Waiting List

A waiting list will be maintained for those Club Members wishing to keep their boats in the marina. The EYC Business Office is the official list holder.

Members will be notified of slip availability in the order in which their names were placed on the waiting list. The date will be determined by written letter of intent with appropriate boat information. It is the Member’s responsibility to assure that he/she is on the waiting list. When a slip becomes available, the Member will be notified by the Club Manager. Once notified, the Member will then have ten (10) days to execute a contract. Decisions regarding the relationship of slip size to boat size, including length, beam, or draft, will be made by EYC. Each member placing their vessel on the slip waiting list will be charged a fee, established by the Marina Committee, to be put on the waiting list. The fee will be applied to the first quarter’s slip rental or be returned to the Members should they withdraw from the slip waiting list.

Members adding their name to the dry storage area waiting list will not be responsible for paying a fee. All other conditions outlined above for slips will apply to the dry storage area waiting list.

If the dry storage areas becomes full and there is a waiting list, preference will be given to those who sail their boat regularly (i.e., regattas, TESOD, frosting-biting, local one designs, etc.). With a waiting list, evaluation of priority storage will be determined on an annual basis by the Marina Committee. Assignment of dry storage area slips will be made on the basis of history of boat usage (number of times boat was used in previous year). A second level of qualification is based on membership category in the following priority:

  1. Voting members
  2. Associate and Senior Members
  3. Junior members
  4. Nonresident
  5. Honorary

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