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Clubhouse Hours

Monday-Wednesday, 4 - 10 p.m.
(Food Service, 5 - 9 p.m.)
Thursday, noon - 10 p.m.
(Food Service noon - 9 p.m.)
Friday-Saturday, noon - 11 p.m.
(Food Service, noon - 9 p.m., 9:30 p.m. on Fridays)
Sunday, 10 a.m. - 10 p.m. 
(Food Service, 10 a.m. - 9 p.m.)


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EYC Club Policy (Updated December 1, 2017)


  1. Club Members & Guests
  2. Food & Alcoholic Beverage Service
  3. Pets
  4. Event Reservations
  5. Reciprocity
  6. Miscellaneous

A. Club Members & Guests

Members will be responsible for their conduct and that of their families and guests at all times while on Club property or at off-site Club-sponsored or Club-sanctioned events.

In cases of misconduct or infraction of any of the following rules, a Member will bring the matter to the attention of an EYC Officer. In the absence of an Officer, the Member should bring the matter to the Club Manager or EYC staff.

Any case of bodily injury, personal harm or property damage must be reported to the Club Manager, who will promptly inform the Executive Board.

The Club Manager will provide the Executive Board with a written report of the incident within three (3) days of the occurrence.

Maryland liquor laws require that guests must be accompanied by a Member and must sign the guest log prior to entering the bar area.

If the Member cannot be present when the guest arrives, it is the Member’s responsibility to inform the Club Manager of the guest’s name and the anticipated time of arrival of both the guest and the Member. Guests who are unaccompanied without prior arrangement will be denied Club privileges.

Members must carry respective Membership cards while using Club facilities and may be required to present them to Club staff or Executive Board members.

At all times a guest’s ability to access and use EYC facilities shall be subordinate to the Member’s right to access and use EYC facilities.

Members and their guests are required to be appropriately attired. Appropriate attire includes shoes and shirts, which at all times must be worn in the public areas of the Clubhouse and on the deck.

Adults must supervise children under 10-years-old at all times. However, children six-years-old and under must be under the direct supervision of an adult.

Parents are kindly requested to use common sense when bringing children under the age of 10 to the Club’s bar area, especially after 8 p.m. during traditionally busy nights.

An official Motor Vehicle permit is required to park in the handicapped parking spots.

B. Food & Alcoholic Beverage Service

1. Alcoholic beverage service

Per Maryland law, no person under the age of 21 will be allowed to purchase or consume alcohol on Club property.

Per Maryland law, employees, Members and guests cannot furnish any minor with alcohol on Club property, nor shall any Member or guest provide alcohol to any individual to whom service has been refused by a Club employee or Executive Board Member.

EYC staff and Executive Board Members are entitled to ask for official identification and proof of age from any Member or guest and may refuse service to any individual who cannot provide proper proof of age. Members and guests under age of 30 are strongly encouraged to have official ID available.

Per Maryland law, EYC staff are required to deny service of alcoholic beverages to any person when they believe that the consumer may be under the age of 21.

EYC staff may elect not to serve a Member or guest if that person appears intoxicated.

All alcoholic beverages must be consumed on Club property.

The removal of alcoholic beverages from Club property is prohibited.

Alcoholic beverages procured off the property are not permitted in the Clubhouse, on its decks, on the piers, or anywhere else on Clubhouse property, other than on a private boat in the EYC Marina.

Alcoholic beverages as a part of a marina patron’s “ship’s stores” may be consumed aboard the vessel only.

Violation of the Club's Alcohol Beverage Service policies by any Member or guest could jeopardize the Club's liquor license; be advised that conduct constituting a violation automatically will be deemed to be "conduct unbecoming a Club Member" as that term is used in Article XI., Section 3 of the By-laws, and this constitutes written warning to all Members that any violation of the Club's Alcohol Beverage Service policy shall subject the offending Member, without further warning, to disciplinary action, including imposition of a fine (in an amount equal to or exceeding any fine and other cost incurred by the Club as a result of the violation), suspension or dismissal from the Membership of the Club, or such other sanction as deemed appropriate by the Executive Board.

2. Food Service

Regular food service may not be available while the Club concurrently offers catered events or other special meal service operations.

Food procured offsite should not be consumed on the Club property during periods of regular food service operation. Exceptions can be discussed with the Club Manager.

C. Pets

Members are kindly requested to use common sense when bringing pets anywhere on Club property. Pets must be on a short leash and in control by the Member at all times. Pets are not permitted inside the Clubhouse, on the deck, or on tables at any time.

D. Event Reservations

For Club events that specify R.S.V.P., the Club kindly requests that Members notify the Club in a timely manner of their intention to attend.

Members who notify the Club that they are attending an event that required an R.S.V.P. and advance payment and are unable to attend that event are required to cancel no later than 72 hours prior to that event or comply with the cancellation policy as stated in advertisements for the event, or they will be charged for the cost of that event.

Members who notify the Club that they are attending an event that required an R.S.V.P. and advance payment and do not show for that event, will be charged for the cost of that event.

E. Reciprocity

In the spirit of reciprocity with other clubs, we welcome visitors and offer use of our facility in any way that does not interfere with Club activities. EYC generally will honor requests for reciprocal privileges from members of recognized yacht clubs who are transiting the area and seeking to use our facility on a temporary basis. However, we usually require that any visiting yachtsman be from a club that is a minimum of fifty (50) nautical miles from EYC. Visiting yachtsmen must register with the Club Manager or with EYC staff on duty when they arrive at the Club, and must make suitable arrangements for the dockage of their vessel and the payment of any fees for goods and services purchased from the Club. In no case will the Club honor a request for reciprocal privileges from members of virtual yacht clubs.

F. Miscellaneous

The Club will not be responsible or liable for the loss of personal property of Members or guests.

No one may sit or stand on the bar, nor are children/infants allowed to be placed on the bar.

Use of tobacco products is not permitted in the Clubhouse at any time.

The use of Club premises for committee meetings, board meetings, regattas, and other official gatherings will be scheduled and reserved with the Club Manager or Office Manager.

Club related informational materials may only be placed on designated bulletin boards or in designated areas as approved and dated by the Club Manager. These materials may be removed after 15 days by approval of the Club Manager.

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Welcome to EYC

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