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Bylaws of the Eastport Yacht Club, Ltd.


Section 1:         Standing Committees
Section 3:         Duties of Standing Committees
Section 4:         Special Committees


The Standing Committees of the Club shall be Building & Grounds, Communications, Cruise and Rendezvous, Environment, Family, Finance, House, Information Technology, Junior Fleet, Lights Parade, Long Range Planning, Marina, Membership, Nominating, Outfitters, Race, Special Events and Bermuda Ocean Race. Except for the Nominating Committee, the tenure for Standing Committee chairs is the same as the elected Club Officers.A newly-elected Commodore shall appoint a Chair or Co-Chairs, to serve for the calendar year, for each Standing Committee with the exception of the Nominating Committee, which shall appoint its own Chair in accordance with Section 3K of this Article. Such appointments shall be subject to the approval of the newly-elected Executive Board. Subject to the approval of that Executive Board, a committee Chair or Co-Chair subsequently may be removed at the discretion of the Commodore.

Within thirty (30) days following the Club’s Annual Membership Meeting, and subject to approval of the Commodore, the new committee Chair or Co-Chairs shall have selected new members of the committee. Subject to the approval of the Commodore, a committee member subsequently may be removed at the discretion of the Chair or Co-Chairs.

Each newly-appointed Chair or Co-Chairs shall prepare and submit a budget to the Finance Committee for approval by no later than January 1. Each committee shall operate within its approved budget. Funds generated by committees shall become part of the general operating revenues of the Club.

Each committee shall, to the extent possible and consistent with its duties, seek to generate, maximize or preserve revenues for the benefit of the Club and charitable endeavors identified by the Club.

Prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, each Chair or Co-Chairs shall submit a written report of the committee’s activities for that year, accompanied by suggestions and recommendations for the next year’s committee, including potential candidates for committee leadership.


Except as otherwise provided in the committee’s description, each standing committee shall consist of not less than three (3) members.


All Standing Committees shall coordinate all of their activities and events with the Club Manager and all other appropriate committees, ensuring Club facilities are available and interference with normal Club operations is kept to a minimum.


The Building & Grounds committee shall organize, recommend and, where appropriate, conduct improvements to the management, security, repair and maintenance of the Clubhouse building, other structures, landscaping, parking, and associated services. The committee shall operate for the benefit of the membership to maintain the value of Club assets and improve the appearance of Club facilities as approved by the Executive Board


The Communications Committee shall be the central source of information about the Club and its activities for both the membership and to the community. The committee shall edit, publish, and circulate a Club newsletter for members and supervise and coordinate information on the Club website, and shall create and edit articles about Club activities as needed by committees or the Executive Board for placement in the local or national press.


The Cruise Committee shall organize and conduct a series of cruises and related activities, which may include rendezvous and lecture series, to be held during the year under the auspices of the Club for the benefit of Club members.


The Finance Committee shall consist of not less than four (4) members, including the Treasurer. It shall exercise general oversight with regard to the Club’s finances, including short-term investments, risk management, and the profitability and efficiency of Club operations. The committee’s duties shall include, but not be limited to, advising the Commodore and Executive Board on all significant matters involving Club finances and financial policies, providing resources to assist in the review and analysis of significant financial statistics and cash flow, providing support for cash collections and deposits for Club events, providing liaison, support and assistance to committee Chairs in the preparation of budgets and accurate financial reporting, and reviewing the Club’s operational procedures and controls, and financial goals and objectives as needed.


The House Committee is responsible for organizing and promoting all in-house social and educational events as well as providing menu advice to the Club Manager. The committee is also responsible for Club House interior decorations and the recommendation of associated maintenance, including refurbishment and clean-up days.

The committee shall coordinate activities and events with the Club Manager, and as necessary with the Finance and all other appropriate committees. The Committee shall also recommend House Rules to the Executive Board as necessary to maintain comfortable use of the Club by Members and guests.


The Junior Fleet Committee shall organize and supervise activities that will further the interest and education of Junior Members and the children of members in boating and boating safety.


The Lights Parade Committee shall organize and supervise the Eastport Yacht Club Lights Parade, a holiday parade of decorated vessels and activities associated with that parade. The objective of the parade shall be to provide a means for local skippers and Marylanders alike to enjoy a holiday season tradition.


The Long Range Planning Committee shall monitor the Club’s compliance with and achievement of goals set forth in existing long range business plans and, as directed by the Executive Board, shall update existing plans or develop new plans that establish means and methods to ensure the long range well-being and success of the Club.


The Marina Committee shall recommend and organize improvements for the management, repair, maintenance, and month to month expenses of the marina, yacht storage areas, launching facilities, and associated services. The committee shall operate the marina for the benefit for the membership and with the objective of making a profit.

The committee shall recommend such Marina Rules as are necessary for the comfortable and safe use of the Marina by members and guests. Such rules shall be presented to the Executive Board for promulgation and enforcement as described in Article VIII Section 2.


The Membership Committee shall consist of no fewer than seven (7) and no greater than fifteen (15) Voting Members, including the Keeper of the Log.

The committee shall be responsible for the selection and orientation of new members, membership maintenance, and the management of any waiting list in a manner that is consistent with these Bylaws and Club rules and procedures as outlined in the EYC Club Policy.

The proceedings of the Membership Committee shall be held confidential by committee members. Violation of confidentiality shall result in immediate dismissal from the committee and potential disciplinary action by the Executive Board in accordance with Article XI Section 3.


The Nominating Committee shall consist of five (5) Voting Members, including the most recent Past Commodore who is a Voting Member. The other four (4) members shall be recommended by that Past Commodore and approved by the Executive Board. The members of the committee shall select their own Chair from among themselves.

In order to conduct business, the Nominating Committee shall require a quorum of three (3) members of the committee.

The committee shall nominate one candidate for each of the elective offices of the Club.

On or before October 1, the committee shall post on the Clubhouse bulletin board and deliver to the Keeper of the Log the nominated slate of candidates for election at the Annual Membership Meeting. The committee shall also submit its slate of nominees to the Communications Committee for publication in the Club newsletter prior to the Annual Membership Meeting.

The Committee shall post nominations for officers to be elected at a Special Membership Meeting on the Clubhouse bulletin board and deliver a copy to the Keeper of the Log no later than eight (8) days prior to the date on which the election is scheduled.

No nomination by the Nominating Committee shall include any member of that committee.

The Nominating Committee, by formal vote of the majority, may communicate such procedural matters and information they judge appropriate to the membership to allow the Nominating Committee to perform its assigned mission.

The Nominating Committee shall prepare, approve by majority vote, and release to the membership:

1. Prior to interviewing members about their specific recommendations for board members: an outline of the procedures to be used and primary criteria that will govern the consideration and choice of candidates for the board in general and for each specific position. The Nominating Committee may interview members about their recommendations on procedures and criteria prior to this posting.

2. With the release of the list of nominees: a summary of the process followed and criteria used in performing its mission. The Nominating Committee shall pass this information to the Nominating Committee for the following years.

Other than the communications specified in this subsection (K), the proceedings of the Nominating Committee shall be held confidential by both committee members and by any Club member appearing before the committee. Violation of confidentiality by a committee member shall result in immediate dismissal from the committee and potential disciplinary action by the Executive Board in accordance with Article XI Section 3. Violation of confidentiality by a Club member shall result in ineligibility for nomination by the current committee and potential disciplinary action by the Executive Board in accordance with Article XI Section 3.


The Outfitters Committee shall market clothing and other Club related merchandise. It shall, as necessary, coordinate with and assist other committees in the purchase and marketing of Club merchandise.


The Race Committee shall establish the Club’s yearly racing calendar, and shall organize, conduct, and promote the Club’s yacht racing events for the benefit of all members.


The Special Events Committee shall plan, organize and conduct those events on and off the Club grounds delegated to the Committee by the Executive Board. The Special Events Committee may also recommend to the Executive Board those events which the Committee believes will assist other Committees or the Executive Board in the furtherance of the objectives of the Club.


The Bermuda Ocean Race Committee shall organize, supervise, and undertake all activities associated with the Club’s hosting and sponsorship of the Annapolis to St. George’s Bermuda Ocean Race sailing regatta, including landside activities in Annapolis and St. George’s, Bermuda. In performing its activities, the Committee will also utilize other EYC Committees, facilities, and volunteers, including, but not limited to the Race Committee, Special Events Committee, House Committee, and EYC physical facilities.


The Information Technology Committee shall exercise general oversight with regard to the Club’s use of information technology. The committee’s duties shall include, but not be limited to, advising the Commodore and the Executive Board on all significant matters involving the use of information technology, the setting of overall IT strategy for the club, and advising on contracting for IT services. The IT Committee may directly implement some pieces of the Club IT infrastructure, provide liaison, support and assistance to Club staff and committees in the implementation, use and handling of the club’s information technology and reviewing the Club’s procedures and controls for information technology.


The Environmental Committee shall have the responsibility to advise the Executive Board and other Committees regarding those policies, guidelines, practices, and activities which will promote environmental awareness.


The Family Committee will foster the inclusion of parents, children, and their guests into Club activities.


The Commodore may appoint such Special Committees as may be necessary for the proper operation of the Club. The Commodore shall appoint a Chair for each Special Committee. Upon completion of its duties and submission of a final report, such committee shall be discharged; provided, however, that all Special Committees shall be automatically discharged at the next Annual Membership Meeting.

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