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July 1, 2016:  The “Green Team” had a busy June with the kick-off of the boating season. The team focused on establishing our Sailors for the Sea Clean Regatta Program for the 2016 season.

GreenFlagHeatherTo formally kick-off our “Clean Regatta Season,” Commodore Ersts raised the “Sailors for the Sea” burgee on June 4 at the Leukemia Cup party. With the support of Annapolis Green, we worked to achieve gold-level certification from Sailors for the Sea for the Leukemia Cup and also the Annapolis Bermuda Ocean Race start/Latitude Adjustment Party. We are proud of the club’s efforts to make both of these events successful from an environmental perspective as well as a social and fund-raising perspective.

Leukemia Cup/Rock the Dock Party: With 96 boats and over $220K raised for cancer research, the 2016 Leukemia Cup on June 4 was a very successful event. It is estimated that over 300 people attended the “Rock the Dock Party” at EYC following the regatta. On the water, sailors were encouraged to meet a variety of best practices through the Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and educational materials provided in the skippers bags. Participants were encouraged to use refillable water bottles and water refill stations were located on site.

At the party, 14 “Green Ambassadors” manned eco stations to encourage proper disposal of plates and food waste in the compost bins and plastic dinnerware, cups and cans in the recycle bins. As a result, during the “event” no waste went into a landfill site, it was either recycled or composted. Through the day, approximately 10 cubic yards of trash was recycled and 1 cubic yard of compostables weighing 500 lbs was collected.

EYC Green Ambassadors at ecAnnapolis Bermuda Ocean Race Start/Latitude Adjustment Party: Twenty-five boats participated in the start of the race and approximately 500 people attended the kickoff party on June 9. Educational information on best practices was provided in the skippers bags. During the kick-off party 8 EYC members served as “Green Ambassadors,” helping to ensure that during party all waste was either recycled or composted – a task made easier by the fact that the food waste, dinnerware & flatware was compostable and cups & cans went into recycling. During the party, 24 bags of recyclables were collected which, when combined with recyclables from race preparation, resulted in approximately 14 cubic yards of trash recycled. At the party, 23 bags of compost was collected which was approximately 2 cubic yards in volume and weighed approximately 650 lbs.LCRGreenies

It is anticipated that both of these events will be certified at the gold-level. Thanks to a true team effort, our “Clean Regatta” season is off to a good start. We are hoping that our combined efforts for the upcoming regattas will result in achieving at a minimum, silver-level certification for the full season.

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