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June 1, 2017:June 8th is officially World Oceans Day and throughout June communities around the world are sponsoring special events to recognize and care for our oceans see www.worldoceansday.org.

The theme this year is “Our Oceans, Our Future” and the focus is preventing plastic pollution and cleaning-up marine litter.

Please help us in our efforts to take care of our beautiful bay and the world’s oceans this month and throughout the year. Think refillable water bottles, recycling, non-toxic boat cleaners and no-discharge overboard!

Join the Environmental Committee and work on a range of initiatives from alternative energy, clean regattas/clean club to environmental education. You can also volunteer to be a Green Ambassador at our EYC events and ensure that we are clean, green and responsible.

With the boating season fully underway, we are now working “full speed ahead” to ensure that our 2017 major regattas are certified as gold-level Clean Regattas by Sailors for the Seas, the organization that certified the last America’s Cup, the Volvo Ocean Race - Newport Stopover and many of the regattas held here at EYC.

Sailors for the Sea says this: “One part education, two parts activation, the program unites and mobilizes sailors by offering support and resources to help conserve and protect the ocean.” The 2017 Leukemia Cup & Rock the Dock Party on June 3rd will be our first major clean regatta of the season. Please help us make it a Gold-Level Clean Regatta! To volunteer go to eastportyc.org/team-eyc.

To celebrate World Oceans Day and Ocean Month, the Environmental Committee will sponsor a special showing of the film “An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch” on Wednesday, June 14, at 7 p.m. Following the film, Captain Phil Renaud, Executive Director, Living Oceans Foundation, will moderate a discussion of ocean issues.

Produced by the Living Oceans Foundation and the Smithsonian Channel, the film investigates one of the most important stories of our time: how close are we to a global crash in fish populations? Narrated by actor and ocean advocate Ted Danson, this award-winning film features the groundbreaking research of renowned fisheries scientist Dr. Daniel Pauly as he calculates how much seafood has been caught since the dawn of industrial fishing.

The award-winning film “An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch” dives into the most ambitious fishing investigation ever conducted to discover the shocking impact of overfishing. For more information go to www.livingoceansfoundation.org/outreach/films/an-ocean-mystery.

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