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GreenCanJuly2017webThe Environmental Committee officially kicked off the Clean Regatta Season on Saturday, June 3, when Commodore Ersts and the EYC Clean Regatta Team raised the new Sailors for the Sea Flag before the start of the Leukemia Cup (see photo).

The 25th Anniversary of the Leukemia Cup was a great success with 92 boats participating and an all-time record of $350,000 raised. The Rock the Dock Party that followed the race was attended by over 400 people.

Both on and off the water all participants were encouraged to meet a variety of best practices to ensure that the event was a clean regatta. The Notice of Race, Sailing Instructions and educational materials provided in the skipper’s bags and on site at EYC promoted clean regatta efforts. Participants were encouraged to use refillable water bottles and water refill stations were located on site for the event.

At the party, EYC Green Team members and volunteer high school students manned eco stations to encourage proper disposal of plates, utensils and food waste in the compost bins and plastic cups, glass bottles and cans in the recycle bins. As a result no waste went into a landfill site, it was either recycled or composted. A special thanks to our Green Ambassadors for making this a successful Gold-Level Clean Regatta.

To celebrate World Oceans month, the Environmental Committee held a special ocean evening on June 14. The Living Oceans Foundation screened their latest film, An Ocean Mystery: The Missing Catch to an enthusiastic group of club members and guests. Following the film, the audience had a chance to discuss over-fishing issues with both Phil Renaud (EYC member and Exec Director of the Living Oceans Foundation) and Alison Barrat (the film Director).

The film was co-produced with the Smithsonian Channel and is now being broadcast nation-wide. Without improved fisheries management, there is a real risk of a monumental collapse of world-wide fisheries in approximately 30 years from now. This film tackled a complex topic and made it clear that action must be taken now to prevent a food-security catastrophe in the not-too-distant future.

Looking to the future, the Environmental Committee has drafted an Action Plan intended to provide structure and set priorities for the Green Team’s activities and programs. The Action Plan supports the committee’s mission “To promote Eastport Yacht Club’s environmental and Bay stewardship efforts.” This draft plan details actions that will help EYC achieve various goals aligned to the Green Team’s three key initiatives: 1) Clean Regattas & Clean Club, 2) Environmental Education & Community Outreach, and 3) Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency.

We have been encouraged with EYC members’ enthusiasm and interest in “greening” our club and taking good care of our surrounding waters. The Action Plan has plenty of volunteer opportunities for all club members to participate in. As time goes on, we will keep you all informed about our various programs and activities.

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