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Past Commodores

Fred Hecklinger, 1980
Mike Kaufman, 1980-81
John Burgreen, 1982
Ted Broderson, 1983-84
Thorny Seiler, 1985-86
Terry Fitzsimmons, 1987-88
Dominic Fletcher-Croucher, 1989-90
Mark Murphy, 1991-92
Bob Scharf, 1993
Mike Krissoff, 1994-95
Fred Miller, 1996
bud elsaesser, 1997-98
Jerry Luttrell, 1999
Scott Burge, 2000-01
Jeffrey Borland, 2002
David Hanson, 2003
Jack Morkan, 2004-05
Rick Brown, 2006
Carey Kirk, 2007-08
Sharon Hadsell, 2009-10
Rick Jackson, 2011-12
David Malkin, 2013
Scott Miller, 2014-15


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A Concise History, 2017 AD

During the year 2015, the membership of the Eastport Yacht Club will celebrate the thirty-seventh anniversary of its birth.

Early EYCAlthough the idea of an Eastport Yacht Club had been discussed since at least the early 1970's, the actual organization was the result of the informal Friday night social gatherings at the offices of Kaufman & Ladd, Naval Architects on Severn Avenue in the Eastport section of Annapolis, Maryland, U.S.A. During the spring of 1980, eleven of the regulars at these gatherings formed a steering committee with the intention of forming the Eastport Yacht Club. This steering committee consisting of Robert L. Allen, Eugene Ambo, Thomas Bell-Wright, John Crummey, T. Ross Glover, Jeffrey S. Goldring, Frederick Hecklinger, F. Michael Kaufman, Glenn D. Klakring, Robert A. Ladd, and Ivon Paulin met weekly at the offices of Kaufman & Ladd under the chairmanship of Mike Kaufman to go through the formal process of creating the yacht club. By October, two hundred persons had been selected who were considered appropriate for the charter membership and invitations were sent out. No restrictions concerning race, creed, or sex were considered in the selection of these charter members.

The number of invitations was limited by the number of persons who perhaps could fit into the upstairs of Marmaduke's Pub where the first meeting of the charter members convened on October 13, 1980. The idea of the club was received with true enthusiasm. It was determined by vote that a permanent clubhouse was to be sought after, although there were some persons who, understandably, suggested caution because of the cost of such a venture. The burgee that had been created by the steering committee was accepted. The burgee pattern was intended to represent the Eastport Bridge in an open position.


While continuing to seek a permanent clubhouse, the EYC found temporary quarters on the fourth floor of a building at Annapolis City Marina on Severn Avenue in Eastport that opened on November 6, 1983. The search for a suitable property continued and on April 23, 1989, the membership approved the purchase of the present site, and after much creative financing, the new clubhouse was opened for use on October 3, 1992. An additional section adjoining the present site was acquired during June, 1999 and in 2004 arrangements were made to acquire the Paape property which is next beyond that towards Severn Avenue. During the spring of 2006, the program of expanding and rebuilding the marina was completed. During 2010 and 2011, the Land Development Committee developed a plan expanding the existing clubhouse and redeveloping the property and this was presented and approved by the membership. During December 2011 the existing older buildings on the acquired properties to the south of the EYC Clubhouse were dismantled and on Sunday, December 17, 2011, a ground breaking ceremony was held. The expansion program was accomplished during the year 2012.

The Eastport Yacht Club has accomplished a great deal since its creation in 1980 and is now responsible for many events, many of which are noted in the letter from our Commodore. During 2004, the membership voted to increase the voting membership from 500 to 600. Eastport Yacht Club has become a vital part of our community while continuing to be a fun place to be.

Frederick E. Hecklinger
Historian Emeritus


Our Mission

The purposes of the Eastport Yacht Club, Ltd. are: 

  1. Promote and encourage the challenges and rewards of sailing;
  2. Expand and modernize the concept of Corinthian yachting;
  3. Develop and sustain interest in and to sponsor competition among water craft of all types;
  4. Recognize the role of youth as essential to the vitality and growth of the Club; and
  5. Create and sustain an active social and community involvement