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Introducing the New EYC Dock Master Program

The volunteer Dock Master Program will kick off over the weekend of June 22. This all-volunteer service is intended to help our non slip-holder members by providing a simple process to facilitate bringing their boats to the club for an afternoon or overnight.

 The Dock Master on duty will assist during peak season weekend days and special events and will carry a VHF monitoring channel 16 and a dedicated mobile phone 772-245-7361.

If you’re planning to visit EYC by boat, please check ahead with the Dock Master to see if there is room at the bulkhead or floating dock for a short stay, or contact the office to reserve space overnight. Don’t forget we have a dedicated transient slip inside the marina for boats up to 37’.

Prior to and during the Music on the Deck on Sunday, June 22, the Marina Committee will be on hand to explain the Dock Master Program. Stop by the table display to ask questions and sign up for duty if you’re interested. The success of this program is dependent upon volunteers.

July 4 will be upon us in about two weeks. As in the past, if you plan to bring your boat to the club for the festivities, reserve ahead. Dock Masters will be on duty during the day directing boats with reservations to their assigned spaces. While you can check in with the Dock Master during the day to see if there are any open spaces, please do not assume an empty space is free for the taking. 

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