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Bill Kocan, General Manager

February 1, 2015

PCI DSS Compliance

If you are like me you have had at least one of your credit cards changed out in the last year or two because of breaches in security from Home Depot, Target or some other institution. I have had three cards changed out and one of them twice in the last eight months! Therefore, I thought I would take the opportunity to inform members of the steps EYC takes to protect your credit card information since more and more this is becoming a part of how we live in a world where technology seems to always be at least a few steps ahead.

First, you may be unaware that the Board approved an investment in new point of sale hardware and software just a few months ago to better protect your data. This software supports proper PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance and was the primary impetus for the change in point of sale systems.

To better understand how we process your data understanding the process is critical. In a typical transaction, you hand over your credit card to a server or bartender when you pay your tab. They swipe your card in our system and return with the receipt and your card. The data from the swipe is immediately encrypted and, with the exception of the last four digits, cannot be viewed by anyone, not even a manager with proper access credentials.

The next step is that your sales information and credit card info are sent to the credit processor and then in turn to your bank. Once this info is sent to the processor it is no longer available to EYC. No credit card info is retained in our servers.

For example, if there has been a problem with a member’s transaction not even I have the ability to correct an overcharge on the card without getting new information from the member at that juncture.

Another important fact is that the point of sale software is completely wired so there is no opportunity for a wireless network breach. I should add though that we are looking into wireless technology for later in the year. The IT Committee and our outside IT consultant will be active in the process to ensure that the private networking also meets the compliance standards at that time. Until we are 100% confident that the network would be secure and meet the compliance standards we will not proceed.

I hope this helps explain the security measures the club takes to keep our members safe. If you have any additional questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly or feel free to check in with the IT committee.

Lobster Night

The seasonal favorite has returned with a bang! Join us for three more installments of the EYC favorite in February on the 7th, 14th and the 21st. You must call in advance to reserve your lobster, and don’t forget to make a reservation to reserve your table as well. All dates still have availability but very frequently sell out so act quickly!

Marina Slips

As the ins and outs that happen at the beginning of the year start to settle into place I would like to remind you that we still have wet slips available to accommodate boats of 30-, 31- and 40-foot lengths for 2015. Please contact me or the Marina Chairperson for further information and annual rates. Enjoy the convenience of having your boat docked next to the most unique club in Annapolis!

Parking Stickers and Directory

All EYC members should be receiving their 2015 directory, parking sticker and member card sticker in the mail within the next few days. Please don’t forget to affix your sticker to the front driver’s side lower left window. Removal of unauthorized vehicles occurs frequently and we don’t want to inadvertently tow a member who has a sticker sitting on the kitchen table.

EYC Master Calendar

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