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General Manager Bill Kocan

June 1, 2017

Four legged Friends

We definitely love our furry family members but although EYC is like a home away from home for many of our members it can’t be for our pets. Pets must remain on leashes and be supervised by their owners at all times. Although there are many dog lovers at the club remember not everyone is comfortable with animals so please respect those fellow members. Also, note that the club provides waste removal bags near the waterfront lawn so please always pick up after your pet. We have been noticing an increase in “items left behind” on our lawn and hope our dog owners will take corrective action.

Spring and Summer Reminders

As the active club season is already upon us I thought I would take a moment to remind members of some important club information that will help keep both our members and the club safe.

  • Children are not allowed on the docks unsupervised. Never!
  • Children must have appropriate coast guard certified PFDs when on the docks and accompanied by an adult. Also, please make note of the location of the safety rings and fire extinguishers next time you are in the marina.
  • Alcohol purchased at the club may not be taken off premise or onto the docks or private boats. Members may take their cocktails onto the waterfront lawn or sailing yard however. Conversely members and their guests may consume their own alcoholic beverages (purchased elsewhere) on their boats while docked in the marina but it may not be brought onto club property.
  • There is no such thing as a “to go” cup for alcoholic beverages. All beverages purchased at EYC must be consumed on our licensed property which includes the clubhouse, waterfront lawn and sailing areas. Sorry you can’t walk home with that Mt. Gay and Coke!
  • Did you know that the club has a comprehensive spill kit located right next to the hoist? It contains everything you would need in the event of an oil or gas spill. Items such as emergency phone numbers, oil containment rings and rags, flashlights and gloves etc are all inside. Be ready for when an emergency arises.
  • EYC recycles, and you should too! Note that EYC has both a recycling dumpster and a regular dumpster for waste. Please use the specifically marked trash cans as you dispose of items at the club. Recycling containers are also located near the marina and parking areas in addition to the interior of the clubhouse
  • Help us stay beautiful by being mindful of the club grounds. If you see litter or stray items pick them up and dispose of them properly. The club keeps your dues low by relying on volunteers. We do not employee a grounds or marina maintenance person at the club so our members and other staff are relied upon to keep things looking sharp. Keep us clean and green!

Water, Rest and Shade...oh my!

It is hot out there and our outdoor spaces are hopping with members and employees on the deck, the lawn, the marina and of course on the water. Use these quick tips, courtesy of OSHA to keep everyone healthy. Yes, I know they are basic but as we hear year in and year out heat related illnesses can be deadly.

To prevent heat related illness and fatalities, remind everyone to:

  • Drink water every 15 minutes, even if you are not thirsty. Alcohol and caffeine will exacerbate the effects of heat related illnesses.
  • Rest in the shade to cool down.
  • Wear a hat and light-colored clothing.
  • Learn the signs of heat illness and what to do in an emergency.
  • Keep an eye on fellow members and workers.
  • Easy does it" on your first days of work in the heat. You need to get used to it.
  • Keep in mind that working in full sunlight can increase heat index values by 15 degrees Fahrenheit. Plan additional precautions for working in these conditions.

Towing Enforcement

Please be advised that towing has actively begun for 2017. Management and the EYC Board hate to see our members having to incur the expense of having their car towed. Our goal is to maintain the value of membership by making sure unauthorized cars are removed to make room for our dues paying members. Please mare sure your parking sticker is a 2017 sticker and that it is placed on the driver’s side lower portion of the front windshield. Also, please remind your guests that parking in the evening is limited to the Yacht Haven lot located across the street.

Lastly, remember that parking in the area reserved for boats is never permitted with or without an EYC sticker.

EYC Master Calendar

Junior Fleet Summer Program
Wed Jun 20 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
Windy Wednesday Happy Hour
Wed Jun 20 @ 5:00PM - 07:00PM
Finance Committee
Wed Jun 20 @ 7:00PM - 08:00PM
Conference Room Reserved- Private Event
Thu Jun 21 @ 8:30AM - 04:30PM
Galley Menu
Thu Jun 21 @12:00PM - 04:00PM
Thu Jun 21 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
Executive Board
Thu Jun 21 @ 6:30PM - 09:30PM
Fawcett Friday Night Beer Can Race
Fri Jun 22 @ 6:00PM - 09:00PM
One-Design Classic Regatta
Sat Jun 23 @12:00AM
Summer Sailstice
Sat Jun 23 @12:00AM