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February 10, 2012:  Well, we have finally made the jump into Juanitaville (aka, temporary clubhouse trailers!) and the fun has begun! Although we have received all of the necessary permits for the bar, deck and offices we are still waiting on the last permit for our kitchen trailer. Therefore, we will have a limited menu until the final permit is released. We do, however, have a full bar and access to our "old kitchen" so Larry will surely have some tasty offerings until that time comes. We hope to have this last component resolved within days so by next week we hope to be operating as “normal” … if there is such a thing these days!

The responses to the bar and dining trailers have been overwhelmingly positive. The bar is in place, the TVs are hooked up and the club memorabilia is on the walls. We do still have some fine tuning to do however (lighting, carpeting etc.) which will completed by next week as well.

We are also still waiting for our final permit on the old clubhouse. As I have written before we are told that its release is imminent so cross your collective fingers. Please keep in mind that the old clubhouse is now a construction area so please try to avoid entering the building so that no one gets hurt.

UPDATE 3:37pm:  We have received word from the City that our building permit for the clubhouse is ready.  Demolition will begin next week!

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