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The Manager's Desk

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February 1, 2014: As we settle into the New Year I wanted to take a moment to welcome all of our generous club members who donate their time to actively participate in committees, activities and general events in 2014. It is your creativity and hard work that define Eastport Yacht Club. These volunteer activities are what help cement the bonds between members and in my opinion is the fabric that makes EYC unique among clubs.

If there is anything that either I or the management team can do to help please don’t hesitate to contact us. If you would like any information pertaining to your committee or the club in general … we are happy to help!

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January 1, 2014

As I look back over our first year in our new clubhouse I am amazed at the ground that has been covered. I am proud of the accomplishments of our volunteers and hardworking staff toward making a new clubhouse that will take us into the future. Certainly this past year as well as the one before has come with their share of obstacles to be overcome.

The realities of constructing the building and then operating in a new clubhouse have in some ways redefined who we are as a club. Maintaining our identity and rich history as we determine the direction we will move in the future has been one of the greatest challenges. Blending the desires of our long term members with those who have just recently joined the club is a goal that we share with most established clubs.

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November 1, 2013

Annual Meeting
This year’s annual meeting is fast approaching. I strongly encourage all members to try and attend this pivotal meeting in the club's history. Having enjoyed the new clubhouse for one year it is now time to determine if the path we are on is the one that our members choose or we desire a slightly different direction.

Again, I encourage you to read the material provided by the finance committee and the Executive Board to familiarize yourself with the questions at hand. The files are available on the website. It is critical to have your voice heard if you desire the club to proceed in the direction that best suits your needs as one of its members. I look forward to seeing you there.

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December 1, 2013

The cold temperatures are a clear reminder that the holiday season is squarely upon us. We are excited for our second holiday season in our fabulous new clubhouse and look forward to improving upon our trend of record setting member usage. We welcome you, your family and friends to join us at the club for a delicious holiday meal or to experience any number of our holiday events that our hard working committees and staff are organizing for our members this season. Also note that EYC can’t be beat for get-togethers of any size. Whether it be a small group of friends or a large organized party we have something that will surely fit your needs. A few spots are still open so feel free to contact me or Amy Wales with questions. We look forward to hosting our members during this special time of the year!

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October 1, 2013:  The Eastport Yacht Club’s Annual Meeting is just around the corner. In preparation for the meeting the Board, Finance Committee and club management have been holding Town Hall Meetings to provide information and solicit responses from the membership. The meetings are always insightful and the feedback that is garnered helps us navigate the club in the most suitable direction for our diverse membership.

One of the most talked-about subjects in the meetings has been the topic of food service. Although on the surface this may seem like a simple subject, the complexities and interconnectedness to other parts of our business run deep. Make no mistake: the challenges that have been presented to the Board, management and staff have been herculean over the last two years. Move an entire food and beverage operation out of its long term home, place it in a couple double-wide trailers and then move it back into our beautiful new facilities. All the while planning, preparing and, most importantly, defining what we would be going forward.

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EYC Master Calendar

Membership Committee
Mon May 21 @ 6:00PM - 09:00PM
Tue May 22 @11:00AM - 03:00PM
Special Events Committee
Tue May 22 @ 6:30PM - 07:30PM
Windy Wednesday Happy Hour
Wed May 23 @ 5:00PM - 07:00PM
Adult Beginner Keelboat Class
Wed May 23 @ 6:00PM - 08:30PM
Sailing Heals (Dining Room Reserved)
Thu May 24 @11:30AM - 03:30PM
Galley Menu
Thu May 24 @12:00PM - 04:00PM
Triple Crown Trophy Happy Hour (Offsite)
Thu May 24 @ 5:30PM - 07:30PM
Race Committee (ALDR)
Thu May 24 @ 5:30PM - 07:00PM
Cruise Committee
Thu May 24 @ 7:30PM - 08:30PM