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The Manager's Desk

General Manager Bill Kocan

July 1, 2013: 

As it begins to feel more and more like summer it is obvious that members are enjoying the new amenities of the EYC clubhouse. As expected the deck has been packed and our food & beverage sales are higher than they have ever been. EYC regattas, cruises and in-house events have kept the place bustling with activity. We undoubtedly are on a record pace for sales for our 2013 Season and we thank you all for your continued support. The word must be spreading because we also have a waiting list of over 50 prospective members at this point! The highest it has been in my near eight-year tenure.

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General Manager Bill Kocan

June 1, 2013: 

Food and Beverage Service

As we enter into the first high season with our new clubhouse we are seeing incredible growth and activity. The new clubhouse and its expanded offerings are clearly a huge hit among our members. Almost weekly we are setting new sales records for food and beverage and we hope this reflects the overall enjoyment of the clubhouse and its services.

This “second grand opening” has resulted in increased usage, however it also comes with some challenges. Our hardworking chefs and service staff are experiencing a transition unlike any before. Our chefs are learning to handle this new volume and are doing a great job acclimating, but we are still not where we want to be. The speed of service has been our primary concern and one that we are spending a significant amount of time addressing. The upside, however, is that the food quality has been very well received as indicated by our sales numbers and member feedback.

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I burned my socks a couple days ago but boy I could still use them today! OK, so it doesn’t quite feel like spring yet but perhaps by the time you are reading this article Maryland weather will have been true to form and changed dramatically. Should that be the case, that means that we will have the pleasure of enjoying one of our most anticipated parts of our new clubhouse, the exterior deck.

Internally our staff is preparing for what we are calling the “second grand opening” since we expect a significant increase in the level of member usage. As we brace for what we hope will be record levels of member clubhouse usage we are doing our best to anticipate the volume of business and prepare our staffing and internal systems accordingly.

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General Manager Bill Kocan

April 23, 2013:  Thank you to all those who attended the recent EYC Town Hall Membership Meeting. The lively conversation was both candid and informative and helped lay the foundation for the upcoming presentations and the club’s way forward.

Much of the conversation was centered around the club’s finances as well as discussion about menu preferences. As you might imagine these items are closely related and the guiding decisions can often seem subjective.

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March 1, 2013:  By the time this goes to print we should have a fully paved parking lot…finally normal parking at EYC will be restored! We are excited and proud to have a fully permeable surface that is environmentally friendly. Water will flow right through the surface into the soil below thus keeping the water out of the Bay and therefore protecting our indigenous wildlife.

You will notice this theme throughout our new clubhouse and beyond. Our menu focuses on fresh local ingredients source from farmers and watermen in and around the Chesapeake Bar, our marina oyster reef helps sustain and perpetuate our little filter systems and of course our clubhouse will be recycling and addresses environmental savings in a wide variety of ways. Think globally, eat locally … at the most unique yacht club on the bay!

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EYC Master Calendar

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Sat Mar 17 @ 1:30PM - 05:00PM
Winter Seminar
Sat Mar 17 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM
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Membership Committee
Mon Mar 19 @ 6:00PM - 09:00PM
Vernal Equinox
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High School Sailing
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Burning of the Socks
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