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EYC Glass CompWelcome to a new year at Outfitters! We thank you for your patronage and many kind words so many of you have voiced about the the new products we featured in 2014.

Here in the midst of winter, we are already planning for Spring (please come early) with orders for new merchandise that will tempt you and meet your 2015 boating needs.

Even with our treasured storage area we must make room. So Outfitters has come up with the brilliant (if we do say so ourselves) idea of holding a January Yard Sale Clearance!  Out with the old, help us make room for the new.  Items priced to be sold and we’ll take offers too!

Outfitters will be conveniently located in the bar (by the staircase to the attic) with our sale items plus our regular gear. We will have eight -- count them, 8 -- bins of sale items for all four seasons, from noon until 6 p.m. This is the event we've all been waiting for.

 Don't miss this astronomic opportunity!  Come make this first time a huge success and Outfitters may offer it annually.

We have new merchandise coming in often, so stop by to see what’s new. If you don’t see what you want, please email suggestions or let your friendly Outfitters volunteers know your thoughts.

ChrisToteScarfWebIf you want to make a special order, feel free to contact Janis Beach at the Outfitters email address and she can connect you with the supply vendor to explore a custom order. ChuckChrisHatScarfWeb

Want to join Outfitters Committee? Have a suggestion for something you'd like to see us carry? Contact Chair Janis Beach Call us at (410) 267-9549, ext. 106

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