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It Really is Spring!


And in Spring, men’s and women’s minds turn to thoughts of wandering: on foot, by sail or power boat, or on bicycle. Outfitters can help you wander with the Original Outdoor Outfitter (clever name!). Made by Eddie Bauer, it is built for the comfort and convenience of ultralight travel. It offers a roomy 20 liters of cargo storage, and when it’s not needed, you can stuff it down into the smaller of the front zip pockets. We will offer it in several colors.

Outfitters also recommends our stainless steel thermos, guaranteed to keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold. While you’re wandering, you might also want a blanket to set your picnic upon--we offer some lovely fleece blankets with a protective waterproof bottom. Plus it has the coordinates of EYC in case you get lost!

We will also have some new men’s polos in stock as well as light cotton sweaters and windbreakers for both men and women. These are perfect match for the variability of Spring temperatures. Keep checking out our display to catch the new merchandise!

For those of you seeking Jane McWilliams book, Annapolis: City on the Severn. A History, mentioned in her Cruising Club talk, we are happy to point you in the right direction to acquire her book. The Barnes & Noble bookstore at Annapolis Harbour Center has Jane's book in stock for the list price of $44.95. If you prefer to support a local bookseller, Rock Toews carries it at Back Creek Books on Main Street for $45.00. It is beautifully written, generously illustrated, and thoroughly researched. It is also the only book to provide such in depth information on Eastport and Annapolis.

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