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EYC Members: Please Tell Us Your Billing Preferences

New Choices Available

Eastport Yacht Club recently upgraded our accounting system to further enhance member services at the club.  This upgrade was responsible for the temporary interruption of the online member payment services that we have offered for some time.  Although the conversion was challenging and time consuming, it is now complete.  One of the byproducts of the endeavor is the need to create a new credit card database for member payments.  For data security purposes no member credit card data was retained. Therefore, those members who wish to utilize that form of payment will need to follow the instructions below.

What does this mean to you?

It means that if you are a current Automatic payment (AUTO) customer, we no longer have your payment information on file.  It also means that we have some new, more cost-effective payment options available to all of our membership. 

What do you need to do?

You’ll need to re-elect your preferred payment method so that the office can update your billing files accordingly.

The Options

1)     Invoicing by Email:

This is club’s preferred method and also the most cost effective. There’s no paper (very green!), no postage, and your credit card or banking information stays securely with you.  Using your emailed invoice, you can pay your bill with a credit card or with your checking or savings account. If you use your checking/savings account, the club saves additional money on credit card processing fees.  You can use the same method of payment each time, OR you can change the information as you see fit.

2)     Automatic Payments:

With this method the club charges your credit card at the beginning of each quarter and sends you an email receipt of payment.  If you elect this option, we will now require that you have the enclosed “Credit Card Authorization Form” on file with our business office. Please keep in mind you are also responsible for updating this form whenever there is a card change.

3)     Invoicing by Mail:

One month before the start of the quarter, our business office will send a paper invoice to your address on record. Payment may be made by check and mailed to the club’s business office or it may be made by credit card by calling the club’s business offices directly.

Use the buttons below to securely submit your billing preferences online or download and print forms to be mailed back to our business office.


DownloadBillingPrefs   DownloadPaymentAuth

All of the forms above are available in paper form at the EYC Business Office, and at the bar.

Please protect your personal information. If you leave the document(s) off in person, please be sure to give them to an EYC manager (Amy, Bill, Jesse), or deposit them in the secure mailbox outside the office door.

NOTE: If you are one of the handful of members who received an invoice for the third quarter of 2015 with a due date of 9/01/15, please be advised that the actual due date is 10/01/15.

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