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Chesapeake Holiday Season

December 1, 2014:  I cannot fight it anymore. My daughter is humming Christmas tunes. My son is telling me what he would like to do with the GoPro video camera he thinks he will find under the tree.

OK. I get it. The Holiday Season is here. I vow to only shop on line, maintain my sense of humor and go down to the Club to relieve whatever Holiday stress I may be experiencing. “What is happening at the Club” you ask? Silly person… As Bill Shakespeare once quoth, “let me count the ways”.

Ever heard of “Lights Parade”? Mark your calendar for December 13. Yeah, that great Holiday tradition is brought to Annapolis by your Club, even if it rains (like last year) or snows… Sometime get Ivon Paulin to tell you about the time he had a boat in the parade when the temps hovered just about zero and he had a Bag Piper on the bow. I never asked if the Piper was going “Commando” or not.

But I digress. The best place to view this Annapolis spectacle is in your cozy Club.

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November? Still, a lot of stuff…

One would think that the coming of November, with its colder days, the onset of STANDARD TIME (yuk), the beginning of Christmas music in the stores (can you stand “Jingle Bells” for two months?) would mean that things are slowing down at “the best damn Yacht Club on the Chesapeake”. But nooooo…

October ended on a high note with Race Committee putting on a fabulous J/70 Fall Brawl. Many boats, good wind and well-run courses – happy sailors abounded. The beginning of October saw us close the books on our hosting the J/80 Worlds and while the weather did not always cooperate I heard nothing but praise for how well our J/80 Committee and RC ran things. Many thanks go for what turned out to be over a year of planning – especially to Sharon and Jeff Borland – but the list is long and I would not want to forget someone. If you were involved in the J/80 Worlds, the Club owes you a great “thank you.”

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To Be or Not To Be…. And other Odds and Ends

September 15, 2014: Some immediate housekeeping issues:

  • First, we have the honor to host the J/80 World Championships beginning the weekend after next (Thursday, September 25, through the following weekend, wrapping up October 5). Many Marina tenants have moved their boats to make room for our competitors and the parking lot will be closed both of those weekends. Please look for precise times of the closure in next week’s Newsblast. The Clubhouse WILL BE OPEN… we’re just going to have some inconvenience on the parking end. There will be two handicapped parking spaces available even during weekend hours. Again, please look for next week’s Newsblast for precise information.

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What Does the Future of EYC Hold?

A Request for Member Thought…

October 1, 2014:  For some time in my communications with the members, I have been alluding to a need to discuss “the future” of EYC. A couple of times, some thoughtful members have taken me up on the challenge and say, “what do you mean by the future of EYC?” Specifically, what do you have in mind?

To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a specific vision in my mind yet. Rather, I know what we were, what we are, and that we have still yet to develop and evolve more as a club. We cannot go back to that cute little club of 250 or 350 members. Those days are long gone and one cannot stay locked into the past. The Founders were as aware of this as anyone when they took the audacious step and started a yacht club in 1980. Yet, we know that we don’t want to lose the basic essence of Eastport Yacht Club – the relative informality, the involvement of the members, the “can do” spirit, the camaraderie.

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Important! Please Read!

September 1, 2014:  At a recent Town Hall Meeting on proposed modifications to the Emeritus Membership Category, some members have asked why the Board is involved in trying to make changes to Emeritus. I have been on the EYC Executive Board for four years. Three of those years we have been dealing with efforts to modify the Emeritus Membership Category. In every case, the Board has NOT initiated this effort. It has been an issue of debate and dispute between the members themselves.

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