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To Be or Not To Be…. And other Odds and Ends

September 15, 2014: Some immediate housekeeping issues:

  • First, we have the honor to host the J/80 World Championships beginning the weekend after next (Thursday, September 25, through the following weekend, wrapping up October 5). Many Marina tenants have moved their boats to make room for our competitors and the parking lot will be closed both of those weekends. Please look for precise times of the closure in next week’s Newsblast. The Clubhouse WILL BE OPEN… we’re just going to have some inconvenience on the parking end. There will be two handicapped parking spaces available even during weekend hours. Again, please look for next week’s Newsblast for precise information.
  • Second: We need people to start volunteering for the Boat Show Bash in October. I know it is a few weeks away but please, please, please, consider volunteering. Carol Vilardo has been working hard on this all year but has had a real need for folks to step up and help. This is a signature event. Please look on the Boat Show Bash web page or in the Newsblast for an on-line sign-up.

Now, as Monty Python would say, “for something completely different.” Nominating Committee. Our NomCom is in full swing and working very hard. They are on a tight schedule but they want your views. You can sign up to see them at (provide on-line link) or you can email Past Commodore David Malkin or Past Commodore Sharon Hadsell with your views if you can’t schedule a meeting.

I have been asked if I will stand for nomination for another year. I must admit, the answer to that question was not automatic. But I did tell them I would willing to be nominated as there are things I would like to tackle relating to getting more young families into the Club. We have made a start with some improvements to the facility and activities for young families but more needs to be done.  I also felt it was necessary for there to be some continuity to the Board after a great deal of shuffling of Board members over the last two years.

That having been said, no one person is essential to the Club. We have been through a very tumultuous debate over the last few months having to do with changes to the Emeritus membership category (now to be called “Senior members”). A number of members are upset with me either for the manner in which the issue was handled or with the outcome. I understand that. If there are a significant amount of members who think my stepping down will lessen any lingering bad feelings in the Club, I am perfectly willing to do that.

It is an honor to be your Commodore but I do not want personalities to be in the way of the Club resuming its collegial and welcoming atmosphere. If you have views one way or the other, please make them known to the Nominating Committee.

The Eastport Yacht Club is a wonderful place with wonderful people. We put on World-class regattas and teach sailing. EYC promotes a love of the water and the pleasures of boating and it offers a wonderful social atmosphere. We are striving to live up to our Club objectives:

  • To promote and encourage the challenges and rewards of sailing
  • To expand and modernize the concept of Corinthian Yachting (amateur)
  • To develop and sustain interest in and to sponsor competition among watercraft of all types
  • To recognize the role of youth as essential to the vitality and growth of the Club
  • To create and sustain an active social and community involvement

Perhaps I am the Commodore to continue the pursuit of these objectives but perhaps you feel differently and someone else is needed. Either way, I will be here to be part of the Club.

Cheers – 

Eye On EYC


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