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November? Still, a lot of stuff…

One would think that the coming of November, with its colder days, the onset of STANDARD TIME (yuk), the beginning of Christmas music in the stores (can you stand “Jingle Bells” for two months?) would mean that things are slowing down at “the best damn Yacht Club on the Chesapeake”. But nooooo…

October ended on a high note with Race Committee putting on a fabulous J/70 Fall Brawl. Many boats, good wind and well-run courses – happy sailors abounded. The beginning of October saw us close the books on our hosting the J/80 Worlds and while the weather did not always cooperate I heard nothing but praise for how well our J/80 Committee and RC ran things. Many thanks go for what turned out to be over a year of planning – especially to Sharon and Jeff Borland – but the list is long and I would not want to forget someone. If you were involved in the J/80 Worlds, the Club owes you a great “thank you.”

Many, many thanks to Carol Vilardo and her crew on the Special Events Committee for putting on a very good “Boat Show Bash”. The Special Events Committee was understaffed all year but Carol and helpers really pulled through. While our numbers were still not what we had hoped, it had nothing to do with the effort and planning on Special Events part. The Board will be working with the Special Events Committee to see if we need to change dates or some other action item to help our numbers going forward. Regardless, if you were there you know it was a good time.

Moving into this month we have our Annual Meeting on November 8, starting at 10 a.m. at Loews Hotel. The uncivilized hour for the start is on account of the annual Annapolis-Eastport Tug. Look for details regarding parking at Loews and shuttle service from the Club. I encourage all members who can make the Annual Meeting to attend. It is the most important meeting of the year, where we give out our reports on how the Club is doing, elect the Board, and discuss important matters. I have written in last month’s VFB about the need for a discussion on the future of the Club and included a letter about it in the material for the Annual Meeting. Please come so we can begin the discussion about the future of our Club.

After the Annual Meeting, we will be hosting a reception in honor of the EYC Founders as this is our designated “Founders Day.” Those folks who took the audacious step back in 1980 to start the Club are recognized each year for their efforts, vision and the ability to ignore the pleadings of their spouses to see reason (that last item was a joke…). The reception is geared toward a “return to our roots” in that the bill of fare will be hamburgers, hot dogs, beer and wine that will be gratis.  Come on down and thank a Founder.

While we recognize our Founders, let me put a plug in for the new members. A “New Members Reception” will be held on Friday, November 21, where we hope our current members will come, have some drinks and hors d’oeuvres with our new members. Representatives from our Committees will be there to discuss how they can become involved but I hope many of you, the current members, will be there to welcome them and provide your comments on how to get better acquainted at EYC. Remember, some older member probably helped you feel welcome. Now you can return the favor. Look for details in this VFB.

As I have written in a previous VFB, the Board has agreed to close the Club for one day, Saturday November 22, so that a member can use the entire Club for their wedding. We know this is your Club and not a wedding hall or banquet facility. However, the Board felt we could accept closing the entire Club for such an event once during the year in view of the revenue that could be made that could help us accelerate several capital items.

Predictably, this has not made everyone happy. It has been pointed out to me that we close the Club to prepare for and have; 1) New Year’s Eve and 2) Commodore’s Ball. We also close the Club for a several days in early January to do maintenance (many Clubs and restaurants do that). Originally, the Board looked at arranging some kind of discount with a place like Boatyard Bar & Grille for the displaced EYCers. However, some regulars felt this wouldn’t do. Now, the Board is looking into whether there is some kind of temporary facility in the Yacht Yard (with heat) that we can provide for those who feel displaced. We’ll keep you posted.

OK, that is a wrap for this month. There are still some good days to enjoy on the water and there is a warm place for you down at the Club. Come on by and don’t forget to come to the Annual Meeting.


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