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Chesapeake Holiday Season

December 1, 2014:  I cannot fight it anymore. My daughter is humming Christmas tunes. My son is telling me what he would like to do with the GoPro video camera he thinks he will find under the tree.

OK. I get it. The Holiday Season is here. I vow to only shop on line, maintain my sense of humor and go down to the Club to relieve whatever Holiday stress I may be experiencing. “What is happening at the Club” you ask? Silly person… As Bill Shakespeare once quoth, “let me count the ways”.

Ever heard of “Lights Parade”? Mark your calendar for December 13. Yeah, that great Holiday tradition is brought to Annapolis by your Club, even if it rains (like last year) or snows… Sometime get Ivon Paulin to tell you about the time he had a boat in the parade when the temps hovered just about zero and he had a Bag Piper on the bow. I never asked if the Piper was going “Commando” or not.

But I digress. The best place to view this Annapolis spectacle is in your cozy Club.

Got kids or often feel like one? Well, the day after the Lights Parade (December 14) there is the annual EYC Cookie Exchange and on December 20 we have our Annual Ginger Bread House construction party. This event is always popular so sign up your child or grandchild soon as there is limited space.

The sugar-induced high of that event often brings the weary parents back to the bar in the evening for some adult time but it is a great deal of fun. I thought my son had the winning house one year but some 9-year-old brought in a consulting architect and… well the little tyke built a three-story Georgian home with an infinity pool filled with Hersey’s Syrup.

 Have you noticed how short the days are getting? Well, this depressing progression will reach its culmination on December 21. That means we only have three months before “Burning of the Socks” and the start of spring. I invite all of you to join me at the Club to toast the end of the Sun’s flight and recognize that we will all get through this winter. Come on down and join in an impromptu… what would you call it? Quasi Druid/Norse/Pagan ceremony to mark the passing of seasons? Whatever it is, let’s use it as an excuse for a good cocktail with friends.

Finally, let me put in a plug for your hard working, friendly staff at the Club. Next time you’re in for Brunch or Taco Sunday while watching football look at your staff. Many of them were there the night before and there they are the next day, friendly and working hard. They have definitely made our experience at the Club better and we would like to give them a little something.

Look for a letter from me asking you to donate something for a staff “Holiday Bonus.” It is totally optional and totally anonymous. If you want to give something, great. If you don’t, nobody will know. We have been doing this the last couple of years and have gotten good results. I like it because the concept of “giving” is so consistent with what we celebrate about this season. Please consider spreading some Holiday Cheer with our staff when you get my letter in the mail later this month.

OK, that’s a wrap for this letter (get it, “wrap,” Christmas?). Time for me to do some cruising on Amazon. As Eddie Murphy said in “Trading Places”… Merry New Year!

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