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February 1, 2016: The start of a new calendar year always brings new year resolutions, goals for the coming year, and planning. We have been doing just that at EYC.

We held an All-Chairs workshop the morning of Saturday, January 9. Every committee shared three issues they are concerned about related to EYC and three goals their committee is working on in 2016. It was a very useful morning and a great beginning to improving communication between committees and working together better and smarter.

Many of the issues raised are ones we have been facing for a long time — the lawn getting too much use for the grass to establish, lack of a long-term parking solution, Rainy Day fund very low, and no capital reserves.

Other issues we need to be concerned about and need some further thinking and discussion include decline in race registrations for regattas, better events for new members, and keeping up with the preventive maintenance at the club.

We also heard the need for more volunteers. Lack of volunteers responding to requests and some committees needing volunteers with very specialized skills and the need for better methods of letting members know who needs what skills. Several issues were related to a need to improve communication with the general public during our special events, with the members, and with each other.

The good news is that the issues raised are not horrible or unfixable — most just need to be identified and worked on.

The committee goals are exciting, many will help correct the identified issues, and all will make EYC an even more impressive club.

Many of the goals are related to improving operations transparency and communication: Board minutes posted within a week of each meeting, distribution of monthly Finance Report, definition of roles and responsibilities of committee chairs, checklist for events that is shared/discussed at all-chairs meeting, moving EYC website to a new vendor, and increasing readership of existing communications.

Several goals will bring more money to the club: filling all Junior Sailing classes, filling the marina, and increasing Outfitters net profit to $15,000.

To hear and learn more about the finances of EYC and see the 2016 budget, please attend the Financial Town Hall on Sunday, February 21, at 4:30.

A bunch of the goals will help new members get involved and meet people, as well as work to solve the volunteer issues: creating a volunteer database, identifying specific projects seeking volunteers, enabling volunteer sign-up at the club on the 2nd floor, encouraging new member/waitlist members and their sponsors to work two events per year together.

Others will help with our long-range planning and are improvements to the club: conducting a capital reserve study to define the capital needs and a replacement schedule for the clubhouse and marina, revising our hurricane plan, adding parking lot lights, purchasing a watering system for the grounds, completing installation of new wifi for the club and marina.

A couple of the goals are working to get members on the water: more member access to club-owned boats, and doing one EYC Boondoggle (a day out on the water traveling as a club to party at a fun location).

A few continue our conservation greening efforts: completing our solar power project, revisiting our marina oyster reef, and achieving Sailors for the Sea certification for the club and marina.

And a bunch are for us to have a good time together: presentation to the membership of the EYC History project, more family events, having great public events, having members in Bermuda for the finish of the Annapolis to Bermuda Race, hosting new members at existing EYC events.

Hands down, my favorite stated goal that we can all do is: introducing myself and get to know a member I don’t know!

For the full list of issues and goals we gathered at the All-Chairs work session, please see the member side of the website.

My vision for EYC for 2016 is for the club to work towards the goal of being financially sound, which means operating in the black, putting money into our savings funds, and establishing a business model for the club; to be well-operated; environmentally conscious honoring the water we all love; getting people on the water; and having fun together. I think we are well on our way to achieving many of our goals and we are going to have a very successful year.

Speaking of having fun together, I hope everyone will attend the Commodore’s Ball on Saturday, February 20. This year we are celebrating the waters of the Chesapeake, Cuba, and Bermuda. The dress is EYC Formal. There will be fantastic food, an open bar, and dancing. Plan on a fabulously fun night!

Fair winds and following seas.

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