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November 1, 2017: 

We need you!

It is time for the Annual Membership Meeting and WE NEED YOU TO ATTEND!

This year’s meeting will be on Saturday, November 4, at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, 723 Second Street. We need the meeting to begin promptly at 0900; registration will open at 0800.

Yes, I am fully aware this is earlier than usual. We need to be heading out of the museum at 1100 when it opens to the public. And it is the Slaughter Across the Water Tug of War at the crack of noon. We have a team tugging that needs to be there on time and we need everyone to come and cheer our team to victory.

The Annual Membership Meeting is the ONE EVENT in the year that you as a member have a responsibility to attend. We MUST have a quorum of 120 members to conduct the official and important business of Eastport Yacht Club, including the voting of the 2018 Executive Board and on proposed Bylaws changes.

If you absolutely can not attend, please be sure to find a proxy. The proxy form is in the Annual Membership Meeting package and can also be found on the EYC website. Each Voting Member or Spouse can carry only one proxy. It is your responsibility to find a proxy and brief them on how you would like to vote on club business.

By now you should have received your Annual Membership Meeting Package. It was either snail mailed to you or electronically delivered to the email the office has on file for you, if you opted-in for that version. If you have not received a meeting package, the entire package can be found on the member side of the EYC website, just click the big red button at the top of the page that says “2017 Annual Meeting.”

If you received your Annual Membership Meeting Package via snail mail, you should have received an envelope with the Schedule A Initiation Fee Footnotes, which inadvertently missed the first mailing.

Before the meeting, please be sure to read the 2016 Annual Meeting Minutes, the Proposed Slate of 2018 EYC Officers, and the Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws 2017. All of these require a vote. It is much better to read this material ahead of time so you can think about your vote, as well as get questions answered. All of the items up for vote have supporting material in the packet or on the member side of the EYC website. Many have been discussed at length in Town Halls and those presentations and materials are on the member side of the website.

This year, we have several proposed amendments to the EYC Bylaws. In the Annual Membership Packet we have presented each proposed bylaws change in a standard format and as clearly as possible.

Each proposed change has a statement about why the change is being put forth and then the reasons for the proposed change. That is followed the current bylaw text and the proposed new text. After that is the possible impact of the bylaw change. Finally, a statement whether the proposed bylaw change is recommended by the Executive Board.

Some of the proposed changes this year unfortunately require substantial text changes. Don’t panic when you see lots of red text! It really isn’t that bad, once you get into it.

Three of the proposed bylaws changes are about committees: changing the description of the Special Events Committee and adding as Standing Committees, committees that have been Special Committees for the past three years, the Environmental Committee and Family Committee.

Three of the proposed bylaws changes have been generated from discussions at Financial Town Halls held throughout 2017. These three proposed changes will impact the long-term financial health of EYC. The proposed changes include the reorganizing of the initiation fee and the assessment into one initiation fee payable over time, a $100 increase in annual dues, and a 10% increase in the voting membership cap, from 600 to 660.

If you did not attend the Town Halls, all of the powerpoint presentations are on the member side of the EYC website. Please take a moment to review the Town Hall presentations as many members have spent a lot of time and effort thinking about and discussing the long-term financial health of the Club and what we need to do to ensure a positive future for EYC.

The final proposed bylaw change is the establishment of an Active Duty Military Membership category.

As you can see, a lot of important decisions are scheduled for the Annual Membership Meeting and it is imperative that YOU as a member of EYC participate.

Saturday, November 4, is going to be a great day! Come down early, get a parking spot at EYC, walk over to Annapolis Maritime Museum, attend the Annual Membership Meeting, walk to the Tug, cheer on or tug for the EYC team, redeem your voting card for your free drink at EYC, and enjoy the unique club and the town in which we live.

See you at the Annual Membership Meeting on November 4th!

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