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December 1, 2017: 

Thank you!

Thank you to everyone that attended the Annual Membership Meeting on Saturday, November 4th. We had a quorum right at 0900 and could get straight to work. Bravo!


Congratulations to the 2017 Volunteer of the Year David Malkin! For those who may not be aware, Dave is the longest serving Executive Board member at EYC EVER after 11 years. And that is just one of the many incredible feats he has accomplished for EYC.

Also congratulations to Stuart Forrest, recognized for his efforts on behalf of the Junior Fleet and the EYC Race Committee received the Environmental Committee’s Green Can Award for significant contributions to EYC's environmental and Bay stewardship efforts.

As promised, we had lots of work to accomplish at the Annual Meeting. The Reader’s Digest version is: Environmental and Family Committees are now Standing Committees (no longer Special Committees), Special Events Committee has a new description, Voting Member dues were increased by $100, the Voting Membership was increased 10% to 660, and the Initiation Fee ($1500) and Assessment ($3200) were rolled into one Initiation Fee of $5000, payable over 5 years ($2000 upon acceptance, $600/year).

Congratulations to the 2018 Board: Ed Wells, Commodore; Liz Filter, Vice Commodore; Chris Chadwick, Rear Commodore; Clayton Miller, Treasurer; Mark Jones, Fleet Captain; and Tristan Keen, Keeper of the Log. And I will happily become the Immediate Past Commodore.

It was a great meeting. There was lots of good, pertinent, and respectful discussion, and thoughtful votes. And we finished on time!

More congratulations from the Race Committee's end-of-the-year event, the Low Country Boil. First, congratulations to the entire Race Committee for an incredible year, including the 2017 SAP I-5O5 World Championship—job well done! The number of volunteer hours this team provided EYC is off the chart—4,132 hours and 106 boat-days! Congratulations to Lee Maynard, recipient of the Bill “Sparky” Cusack Ground Tackle Award and Lou Bennett, Palma Wilson, and Carol Vilardo being named Outstanding Race Committee Volunteers for 2017.

As I am on a roll with thank yous and this is my last VFB article as Commodore, I have a few thank yous of my own.

Thank you to the membership for the honor and privilege of serving as Commodore of Eastport Yacht Club—what a ride! I have learned an incredible amount professionally and personally in the past two years, served with many amazing and generous people, represented the club at some fantastic events, and am incredibly proud of the work EYC has accomplished.

In the past two years we have come back together as a club, conducted multiple research projects to provide a solid reading of our current financial status, defined where we want to be financially in 5 years, determined a plan to attain the money desired, and overwhelmingly voted as a club the actions necessary to secure a healthy financial future, which will provide funds for the next exciting chapter of EYC.

We have also done a lot of work to improve EYC's business operations, and will continue to do so. Food and beverage service is and will continue to be a focus. Our General Manager's contract and evaluation have been revised. We have a new payroll company, additional training and services being added with regard to human resources so our staff is ensured a healthy and safe work environment, and health insurance for all eligible employees. There has been substantial analysis and increases in our building and related operational insurance coverage, thanks to our friends at AYC sharing their experience after their clubhouse fire.

All our committees have completed a plethora of incredible projects and events. Just a few highlights: EYC history was written and published, Aft Deck renovation, Boomerang Race created, Get Your Elf On holiday party, Halloween Party, many gold-certified Sailors For the Sea regattas, #1 Holiday Parade, Member Access Program for boats, Flotilla Fridays, 100% marina filled, many informative lectures and seminars, lots of new EYC members, and lots and lots of time on the water together! Thank you to the committees and committee chairs!

Thank you to the entire EYC staff for their support of all of our crazy ideas, projects, and events. We have an incredible staff who put in many, many hours and effort to make sure we as members have a club that we enjoy and of which we are proud to be members. As we head into the holiday season, please be sure to show how much you appreciate our staff by contributing to the EYC Holiday Fund.

Lastly, thank you to all who have supported and worked with me particularly the 2015, 2016, 2017 EYC Boards, Bill Kocan, and our fabulous Staff.

Much love to you all and many wishes for a very merry holiday season.

See you around the Club.

Eye On EYC


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