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February 1, 2018: 

Well, I made it through the first month as your Commodore! So, in answer to your questions; yes, it has been very busy; yes, it has been more than I anticipated, however; yes, I’m still enjoying it. Thank you for your support, it has been overwhelming!

The topic fresh on my mind is that we just conducted our All-Chairs Working Session this past Saturday to review our goals and plan our next year’s priorities. As some of you may know (and may have been involved), over the last 2-3 years we have worked to define the direction we wish to take the Club. By “we,” this work has included inputs from the membership via the Long Range Planning Committee, establishing goals and objectives at the Committee level via prior All-Chair Working Sessions, and independent studies via the BOAT Committee and Capital Reserve Study.

I was very encouraged with the Working Session. Nearly every Committee Chair was present, as well as the full participation of the Executive Board. During the three hours of sometimes mind-numbing discussion, we reviewed the work products of these efforts and identified items that have been completed, items that have been incorporated into the fabric of the committees, and items that still need to be addressed.

It was impressive the number of items that have been completed and incorporated into the committees. I was particularly impressed and grateful with the positive participation of the group and willingness of the individual Chairs to take on the challenges before us. While I’m on the subject, I firmly believe that our committees are the lifeblood of our Club and encourage every member to get involved with a committee (or two!).

If any of you have inputs on issues, improvements, new amenities, please bring them to me, any Executive Board member, or committee Chair. We want to hear you. I would be glad to talk to you, but please follow it up with an email because I don’t always remember what was discussed in the bar.

Ok, switching gears, the Executive Board approved the purchase and installation of a new Club Management system. We have been struggling for many years with an antiquated, limited, and disjointed set of systems for our POS, accounting, membership management, Website, and supporting functions. The IT Committee has spent considerable time working with the Office Management and Committee Chairs to identify requirements and find candidate vendors to meet those requirements.

We have settled on Clubessential to provide our software solution, and will be working with Smart Computing Solutions to provide the hardware infrastructure. Installation will be occurring over several months, with a hard cutover scheduled in May so we can be ready for our busy season. I think you’re going to like it!

I am pleased to announce that Past Commodore Scott Burge has agreed to lead a Special Committee to implement the design and implementation of a “Big Deck” on the back lawn of the Club. As you are all painfully aware, we have not been able to sustain a viable lawn due to various issues such as event stress, soil conditions, irrigation constraints, etc. We started looking at alternatives last year and building a larger deck emerged as the most viable option to address the problem. We were fortunate that we had members with appropriate experience to start planning such a project – Lee Mayer, Chris Munson, Tom Mullan, among others (sorry if I left someone out!) – and initial plans were developed and submitted to the City to start the process.

However, like all best plans laid by mice and men, the 505 Worlds came along, and with that a beautiful temporary(!) deck. So, Past Commodore Heather Ersts started to explore how to retain the temporary deck and incorporate it into the bigger vision. As you would expect, there are issues with using a deck built according to temporary standards as part of a permanent deck. Scott will be leading the charge to address these issues along with implementing the final vision. BTW, Scott was the Chair of the on-shore party for the 1998 Whitbread Race, along with SSA, which had a reported attendance of over 3,000 attendees.

One final item under business, budget! Clayton, our Treasurer, has been working hard to finalize the 2018 budget. He has scheduled a Town Hall meeting February 11th at 4:30pm to present it and answer questions. While I’m not committing him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wears a target!

Ok, on to some fun stuff! First on my radar screen is Superbowl Sunday, February 4th. I encourage you to join me at the club to watch the Eagles whup the Patriots. Yeah, I’m not a fan of the Patriots, so you will usually find me rooting for any team playing the Patriots. There will be bar and kitchen specials, so please join me!

February continues to see favorites such as Lobster Nights, Trivia, Darts, etc. Hey, we’re on the homestretch to Spring! (I just saw the first advertisement for “Burning of the Socks”!) Also on our docket are Valentines’ Day, Mardi Gras, and the EYC Speakeasy on the 23rd featuring Mardi Gras Cocktails!

Finally, this forum is an opportunity for me to communicate with you, the membership, on topics that I think are relevant. However, I want this to be a valuable communications tool to provide you information that you believe is important. So, please send me your feedback on what you see as beneficial to you. If you would like to see a specific topic, let me know!

I hope to see you at the Club!

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