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Feel Spring Rising in Your Soul

Had enough of this winter? Yeah, me too. Spring will be coming but we all know that we have some days of cold with blustery precipitation to get through. Bear up and we’ll all get through this together. This is the month of many hopeful activities. My favorite, “burning of the socks,” should be a great celebration this year. I know it is circled on my calendar.

But there are a few other events this month that will help us get through the remaining part of the nasty weather. Let me highlight a few as part of the emphasis I want to place on our EYC Community:

  • “Stone Soup” event on March 8. This is a new one which, if you are of a certain age, you may recall a kids’ book of the same name. The deal is we provide a large pot for cooking and you bring whatever ingredient you want to contribute. The outcome is always a surprise but normally a good one.
  • March 15 is a “double header” where the Cruisers offer their Winter Seminar on long-distance sailing and then we have a good ‘ol fashioned St. Patrick’s event. 
  • Burning of the Socks at 4:00 p.m. on March 20. A club tradition but one that should be a great event after this winter. Come on down and feel the boating season return as the sun begins to shine more on the northern hemisphere.
  • March 22 we will have our Oyster and Bull Roast. A great event that is usually heavily attended. Get your tickets early.
  • March 29 is spring clean up. This is when we get the outdoor furniture ready for use, do some planting, painting and marina work, as we get ready for good weather. Please consider coming to help out. In some way.

As you can see, we have a lot going on to get us “over the goal-line” and out of our winter freeze. 

Before closing this edition of the Ship, you should know that the budget has been finalized. Mike Thompson, our Treasurer, led a Town Hall on Finance on February 9, the slides of which are on the Member side of the webpage. 

Since then, the budget was scrubbed a few more times and what was finally passed by the Board reflected an improvement where we project being $94,000 in the black. This is after we pay back the $17,500 owed to members who loaned money for the Isinglass enclosures on the covered decks and the sound abatement project in the bar. It is also after we contribute over $100,000 to the reserve-operating fund as promised to the members. 

It should allow us to finance all the scheduled capital purchases discussed in my last blog (Commodore’s Corner) and in the Finance Town Hall materials. All in all, a pretty good outcome – one that the Board and the Finance Committee, along with our other Committees, will work hard to achieve.

Finally, I want to make you aware of a change in the Special Events Committee. Alex Hawkins-Richardson has been our Special Events Chair for the past year. Recently, her regular workload increased to such an extent that she had to relinquish her Committee responsibilities. I want to thank Alex for her hard work , especially on the Boat Show Bash. It was a challenging year but Alex brought great energy to the events. 

In her place, Carol Vilardo has agreed to step in and Chair Special Events. In addition to Boat Show Bash, the Committee is taking on Spring Cotillion, the Commodore’s Reception, and the Solomon’s Race Party as well as the new Annapolis Labor Day regatta and closing party. If you have some time to donate, please consider helping out and joining Special Events. It is a bit of work but also a lot of fun.

OK, that is enough for this month. I need to stop so I can begin my list of boat projects I want to get done before I splash her. Time to get busy in the boat yard – spring is coming.

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