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March 23, 2014: When I was a kid, growing up at the Louisville Boat Club (LBC), there were two spots where the kids could hang out while their parents were lingering over dinner or hanging out at the bar. Somebody came up with the name “Crow’s Nest” for the TV room with its big boxy TV (wood paneled) and the couple of seedy couches that adorned the cubbyhole. Downstairs, off the pool and near the tunnel to the docks, was a room with a ping-pong table and a TV, something called “The Bilge.” It was great. We had space from our elders that we wanted as much as they wanted it from us at times.

When we opened the new Clubhouse, we found we had many wonderful things we didn’t have in the old Clubhouse. But we still had not fitted out a spot for the kids. Part of that was budgetary – we were really counting our pennies – and part of it was the rush to get everything done. Now we have the opportunity to rectify the status quo and tailor some other programs for our young members. It is the Family Committee. We had our first meeting last month but, probably due to my poor planning, it was sparsely attended and I am now appealing for a good showing by planning it further out and making it coincide with the Family Movie Night. If you have any interest in serving, please plan to meet with me at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, March 27.


Despite the low attendance of the inaugural meeting, we did come up with two action items: 1) Do what we can to make the “garage” area off the lawn into a year-round space that can accommodate kids watching TV or playing video games; 2) Improve the kids menu.

The “garage” will continue to be available for regatta parties, etc., but when it isn’t in use for other social purposes (which is 95% of the time) it can become a place where the kids can do things that interest them while adults yak at the bar or take too long to finish their dinner. It will probably have a cabinet that can be locked which would have a Wii console and some other game station (Xbox One or Play Station 4, etc.). We already have a great web capable TV down there that the Junior Sailing Program obtained. I envision raising the money to accomplish this since this was planned after the capital budget had been approved.

There are many other things we can do to build on the success of things like our tremendous Junior Sailing Program, First Friday gatherings and movie night. This will be the goal of the Family Committee: Utilize our current facilities to the maximum extent for the benefit of families with kids. As one of our Founders – Ivon Paulin – has said, we need to always think not just of the current generation of members, but of the next generation of members so that Eastport Yacht Club will be a going concern for many years to come. Indeed, Ivon likes to say we are “stewards” of the current Club. When my kids and those other kids of our members grow up, I want them to have EYC as a part of their memories and perhaps they will one day become members of the Club themselves. I hope those who are interested in such a goal will join me and help make the Family Committee a success.

Cheers, oh, hey kid! Put that down!

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