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April 1, 2014: Ladies and Gentlemen: Get your boats ready!

To paraphrase the late Gerald Ford: “My fellow Americans, our long winter is nearly over”… OK, we still have rain and some colder temperatures to endure but we can all start getting the boats ready for the core boating season. Racing, cruising, gunk-holing, fishing, whatever. This is when you know it’s great to live on the Chesapeake Bay. Start wearing your flip-flops and get out in the boat yard.

The Club is also getting ready for the Spring and Summer. The annual “clean up” day had to be postponed to April 19 so if you have some time to spare, look for the announcements and sign-up link to volunteer. We need help on the grounds, the building and the marina. Even I – not the handiest of guys – will be there to help get things in shape.


Given the fairly harsh winter we had, it is probably appropriate that Easter is late this year. Want to have a good Easter brunch? The Club is your best bet. The kids will also have an Easter Egg hunt and there will be a moon bounce (bouncy house) for them to burn off some of the inevitable sugar from chocolate bunnies and jelly beans.

I hate to bore folks with money issues but let me just say that while we had a challenging quarter from an operational standpoint, it appears that we are on track for meeting our revenue and budget goals. The weather affected business somewhat – as it did many businesses – but things are pretty much where we wanted them.

Our esteemed Treasurer, Mike Thompson will be going over quarterly results with each of the Committee chairs and we should have something up on the webpage for members to see in a week or two. Once we are convinced that the results are what we hoped, we can begin to spend on some of the capital projects we identified to the members (e.g., dividers for the conference room, marina upgrades, irrigation of the lawn, etc.).

This state of affairs would not have been possible if not for the hard work of Past Commodore David Malkin and past Treasurer Ramzi Bannura and the approval of the members of their recommendations. It is hoped by the end of the year we will have also contributed almost $150,000 to our operational reserve fund or the “rainy day” fund.

On a more somber note, the recent passing of members or former members reminds me to cherish the great community of friends we have at the Club. Bill Adams, a former member of the Club, died a few weeks ago, we recently lost Kurt Lowman, and as I write this on March 30, I have been told that Joe Haebler died last night. These passings are, unfortunately, part of our lives. We see loss as we ourselves grow older. But when I think of these former comrades I guess I count myself lucky to have the EYC community as part of my life. It really is a “community” in the best sense of the word and while we may get annoyed with some members of that community from time to time, our lives are made more rich for being a part of it. Enjoy the Club and your fellow members. It really is a great place.

So, let me conclude on a brighter note. This year, we will celebrate “New Beers Eve,” on Sunday, April 6. This is a nationally recognized date that commemorates the effective end of prohibition, after President Franklin Roosevelt signed the legislation (1933). All this week, we will be running specials on various beers but on the Sunday “New Beers Eve” event we will have a special guest at the Club to greet members on this auspicious date. Stop by and see who it is.


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