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Budget Stuff – Yeah Baby!

February 15, 2014: Annual budget discussion: How would Austin Powers approach it? When asked about it he might respond with “nerd alert”! I prefer to take the positive approach – “Budgets are my bag, baby!"

Seriously, having been Treasurer for two budget cycles, I know they can be as much fun as doing your taxes or going to the dentist. But we all know it is important. That is why I am grateful that new Treasurer Mike Thompson has worked so hard on this year’s edition, with the help of new Finance Chair Jack Morkan, past Chair George Miller, office accountant Donna Glessing, and General Manager Bill Kocan, as well as assistance from past Treasurer Ramzi Bannura.

The bottom line? Well, with the help of the dues increase approved by the members plus a full year of understanding our new clubhouse cost structure, we are in pretty good shape. But there were a few unforeseen challenges in getting to this point.

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February 1, 2014

Native Annapolitans – by the way, that term sounds so fancy. Or is it meant to be the opposite of “cosmopolitan?” No, I guess it is just Greek for “people from the City of Anne.” Anyway, I digress. Native Annapolitans of a certain age talk with reverence of the time the Bay froze over. You can see pictures of it in various establishments around town like Pussers. Well, the way it feels outside now, we may get to see the Bay freeze over again. If it does, please restrain any Club members who try to drive their cars across the Severn!

The good news is that February provides many opportunities to get together at the Club and stay warm.  Start with the J/80 Worlds Kick Off party. Our committee for J/80s has been hard at work preparing for the Regatta this September but has also cooked up a great “hand off” party from the last hosts of the Worlds (Marseille, France) to EYC via the web and a party to follow on February 1.  This sounds like a great French-themed party – did someone mention that some members would be wearing “French maid” outfits? Personally, I hope it’s just the women who do this but you never know!

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January 1, 2014

A few days ago, someone asked me what were my goals as Commodore for the coming year? I thought a moment about that. Every Commodore and everyone who serves on the Board does so because they believe that Eastport Yacht Club is a special place, with a special character that they want to protect and make the Club prosper. Each year, however, requires something different for each Board.

After years of getting prepared for our new Clubhouse and a year of getting used to how to run and finance it, we need to change our focus. A Club, especially one as unique as ours, is much more than a Clubhouse, restaurant or bar. It is the people and things we do together that make EYC.

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A New Year

Do you remember the last Annual Meeting? Remember that we tabled the issue of changes to the Emeritus Program so that we could appoint a "blue ribbon" panel to come up with a solution that would be equitable to all members? I thought you did. Anyway, I have asked Past Commodore Mike Krissoff to form a committee of Past Commodores to meet with Members and deliberate amongst themselves on possible changes to the Emeritus membership status. I have asked them to deliver a recommendation to the Board by the end of May if not sooner. My only guidance to Mike was that I wanted Emeritus representation on his panel. The following Past Commodores have agreed to serve on this panel (Mike calls it E3 - ask him what it means): Terry Fitzsimmons (Emeritus), Mark Murphy, Scott Burge, Jeff Borland and Jack Morkan. Thank you gentlemen for agreeing to serve again.I believed we were quite close to a workable compromise prior to the Annual Meeting so hopefully we can come to closure and vote on changes to the Emeritus status that will value our long serving members in a way that is equitable to our other members.

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December 1, 2013:  

Welcome to the holiday season and time for my favorite EYC event, Lights Parade. Pete Chambliss and his elves will once again make EYC proud by turning our club into the center of Christmas in Annapolis.

The festivities started with the 2013 artist’s reception where Ramon Matheu’s pop art interpretation of the parade was very well received. Yours truly will be waving to crowd on Saturday the 14th from the Light House. Watching is fun, but being part of a team that decorates a boat will give you a whole new perspective. If you have never been on a team or decorated your boat, I encourage it.

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