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July 1, 2013: June was certainly a month for town hall meetings. The Long Range Planning and Finance committees both presented data to the membership. We should all be thankful for the hard work and dedication that these volunteers have put in. For these groups there is no party or fun event at the end of the effort. It’s all done strictly for the long term benefit of membership.

The Long Range Planning group presented data that was several years in the making. We received a high level review across a wide range of subjects pertinent to the club’s future direction. I would not characterize any of the findings as unexpected. And in fact, in quite a few circumstances actions were already underway that matched up with the data’s recommendations.

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June 1, 2013: Outdoor life is returning to the deck. With that said, when we purchased the deck enclosures back in February I never imagined we’d still be using them on Memorial Day weekend. It was a shame we couldn’t use the deck to watch the Blue Angels, but maybe our friends in Washington will work it out for next year.

In general it’s been very interesting to see the membership adapting to the new spaces. Race parties on the back lawn with a bar and BBQ two nights a week, meetings in the conference room, weddings and other catered affairs, and all while regular life goes in the bar and on the deck.

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May 1, 2013:  May is here, the flowers are finally out and things at EYC are about to move into high gear.  With each new month and new season we learn more about how the new facility and site work, so keep that in mind as we head into this busy season.

Thank you to all those who attended the Town Hall meeting.  Despite a couple of breaches of our normally friendly decorum it was a good meeting.  Our Finance Committee did a great job of presenting our financial picture and the By-laws group made good progress getting member feedback on issues that need cleaning up in the By-laws. All the input, even the stuff that came over the bow, was worthwhile. Make sure to put May’s round two meeting on your calendar.

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May 7, 2013:  I know we had some parking issues this weekend, but despite rumors there was only a legitimate issue on Friday, and even then the vast majority of cars belonged to our members. Yes, I know we have a sign at the entrance, but I did not think it appropriate to tow visiting skippers’ cars on Friday. Bill was instructed and fully empowered to tow the rest of the weekend. 

I was personally in the lot at 9:00 a.m. on Saturday and there was only one car that did not have a 2013 EYC sticker. I did not hear of any towing incidents on Sunday. If members who arrive early for a race or who serve on Race Committee take all the parking spots, that’s another issue.

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March 26, 2013:  Winter is making a valiant effort to hang on, but Spring weather will be with us soon enough. With the change of seasons we will finally start putting the club into full operation.

Dry slip boats are back and the yard will be abuzz with Tuesday night, Wednesday night and Thursday night sailing in addition to weekends. The deck will be full, a lot. The yard will be host to many parties. It goes without saying that the main goal is to have fun, but let’s make sure to be patient and keep a smile on when things get a little stressed.

Speaking of Thursday night sailing, take pride in the fact that EYC will be lending a Race Committee hand to J/World by running a second race circle. This was necessitated by the growing J/70 fleet and will make this Annapolis racing staple the largest weeknight one-design racing program anywhere. EYC will also be extending a social hand by hosting the post-race get together.

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