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October 18, 2012, 2100 hours

thursday-2100It's 9:00 PM Thursday night and I just left the Club. As you can see in the photo things are lit up like Times Square. So what gives? The electricians, carpenters and alarm techs are in there putting together the final touches so that we can pass our final inspections and get our coveted Use and Occupancy Permit.

The furnaces are working, the hood system in the kitchen is running, carpeting is being installed and the hardwood floors are down and waiting for sanding. The “Fools with Tools” have been busy at work building a beautiful bar that we will all enjoy.

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October 1, 2012:  There is so much happening around the Club and so little time to get it done. The electricity was finally turned on this week and the air conditioning and elevator crews were close behind. At this writing the new Clubhouse is drying out and preparing itself for flooring and ceiling tiles. The elevator test was scheduled to last about a week and should begin this week. Hyde Concrete’s crews are out forming the parking lot and it will be poured this week so that we can use the lot for the Boat Show Bash.

Speaking of the Bash, we are still have a need for volunteers to help out for a few of the shifts. Click here to sign up for a time.

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An Open Letter on Construction of the Renovation

June 4, 2012:  Recently some members have expressed concern regarding the quality of the construction of the renovation. This is an open letter to concerns raised by one member.

We are all concerned with the quality of the materials that are being used in the construction of our new Clubhouse. As always, in a construction project there are choices to be made and compromises to be reached in order to come to a final project plan. Just as members have found when they commission the construction of a custom boat, some items need to be deferred as they cost too much during the initial phase of construction to be accommodated within the existing budget.

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September 1, 2012: Many of you have heard that I had to undergo open heart surgery in July. Fortunately, things are progressing well and I am on the road to recovery. I want to thank all of you who wished me well. Thanks to you and some great doctors I will be back to normal soon.

During the surgery the doctors had to stop my heart for 11 minutes while they made the necessary repairs. Many of you have asked if I saw “the Light” while I was technically dead. I want to say that I did see “the Light” and the “Other Side” while this was going on.

The “Other Side” looks remarkably like EYC in its renovated Clubhouse. I saw a great group of people enjoying the friendship that comes along with an EYC Membership. I saw an active race committee organizing world class regattas, a Juniors Committee committed to teaching the joys of safe boating to the next generation, and I saw members cruising to far flung destinations looking for new friends to meet and experiences to enjoy.

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Webcam View Impeded

April 20, 2012: Boy, I sure hope that you have been watching the webcam this week. There has been more action than I can keep track of. The dirt and gravel was hauled in to fill in the foundations of the new building and then the rebar and plastic sheeting were installed.

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