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Let's Be Glad for April!Outfitters3 21

April can be a mixed blessing. It usually has Easter and Easter Egg Hunts, eight days of Passover, and towards the end of the month we at EYC are fortunate to have the Annapolis Spring Boat Show. But the weather throughout can be uncertain--both hot and cold, income tax day stares us down from the middle of the month, and it all starts with April Fool’s Day.

So let’s shift the balance to a more positive experience by celebrating some of the following:  April 2 is World Party Day, April 7 brings National Beer Day (EYC celebrates this the evening before), April 15 is Husband Appreciation Day, April 19 is National Garlic Day (go ahead and kiss anyway), and to wrap it up, April 28 is Kiss Your Mate Day!

And for all of the boating lovers, April is often the month that the wrappers come off, annual puttering around to ready the boat occurs, and many of us will be pleased to  happily return to the magic of enjoying sailing or motoring or paddling on the water. 

Outfitters will be right there with you. Our shelves and hangers will be filled with new merchandise for the new boating season. The items will have colors suitable to spring and happy activities, fabrics that provide a light protection from sun, wind, and rain, and temptations that will enhance your enjoyment of being back on the Bay. 

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