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The EYC Outfitters will be hosting an Outfitters Holiday Arts and Crafts Night on Thursday, November 17 from 5-9 PM! Applications and information on the event can be found here.



Happy Birthday, USA!MensPolo

July is such a great month at EYC. First we celebrate our nation’s birthday with festivities and fireworks -- and the annual 4th of July T-shirt! Make sure you don’t miss out on the limited edition, uniquely ornamented T! The design is a closely held secret until it is for sale in Outfitters.WomensPolo

We already have new polo shirts for men and women. These are stylish, colorful, and cool for our steamy summers. Outfitters will also be offering some comfortable summer dresses and sleeveless tops by mid-July. We will feature some new gear for the Boomerang race in July.

So take a staycation in July and enjoy all the pleasures (and cool) of EYC. Shop at Outfitters often!

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