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Parking and Shuttle Service

Please Note:  Parking in the Eastport section of Annapolis is often difficult and especially so during Boat Show weekend.  Please plan ahead!

It is an easy walk or a short water taxi ride from the Boat Show & downtown Annapolis to Eastport Yacht Club and the EYC Boat Show Bash.

Visitors to Annapolis are encouraged to park on Saturday, October 11th at the Park & Ride on Harry S. Truman Parkway off Riva Road. This is the "official Sailboat Show Parking" for Saturday only, due to a Navy Football game scheduled for that day. The Boat Show provides complimentary shuttle buses from the parking lot to the City Dock from 9 AM until 8 PM on Saturday, October 11th.  These buses are not affiliated with the EYC Boat Show Bash. For information on these buses, please click HERE. In addition, the City of Annapolis' Circulator Trolley service (also not affiliated with the Bash) will be operating throughout downtown and Eastport on Saturday. Find out more HERE.

EYC will provide a FREE Shuttle Service from Eastport Yacht Club to Park & Ride Parking lot on Harry S. Truman Parkway beginning at 8 PM. Buses will depart approximately every quarter hour or as soon as they fill. The following stops are those that will be made:

8:00 PM           First bus begins continuous shuttle from the Eastport Yacht Club;

8:15 PM           Second bus begins continuous shuttle from the Eastport Yacht Club, First Street and Severn Avenue to:

  • Marriott Waterfront Hotel
  • Base of Main Street (Buddy’s) for Hillman Garage
  • Top of Main Street for South Street Garage
  • West Street at Calvert Street for Gotts & Whitmore Garages
  • Between Loews Hotel and O’Callaghan’s Hotel for Knighton Garage
  • Westin Hotel for Park Place Garage
  • Park & Ride

Buses then return to Eastport Yacht Club

12:00 AM         Final drop off at the Park & Ride.  Service ends.

It is easy to get to the EYC Boat Show Bash.

Use one of these Boat Show exits for the greatest ease:

  • The Yacht Basin Trash gate (at street side end of Tent L)

  • The Yacht Basin Gate (between Tent YB and the Marriott)

  • The Fleet Alley Gate (near Tent D)

CLICK HERE to see the Boat Show map.

To Walk to EYC: cross the Spa Creek bridge, turn left on Severn Avenue (at the traffic light), turn left on First Street and EYC is a half block on your right.

Water Taxi  pick-up and drop-off: is located immediately outside the Yacht Basin Trash gate of the Boat Show and is also accessible from Compromise Street through the Annapolis Yacht Club parking lot.

Take the Water Taxi to either of these stops:

  • Eastport Yacht Club (direct entrance to the Boat Show Bash) - $4 per person

  • Chart House Restaurant (two block walk to the Boat Show Bash) - $3 per person