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Volunteers! To Arms!

June 17, 2014: If there is one thing that has defined Eastport Yacht Club over the years it would be... what?

A good party?

Well sure, but think again.

A love of the water and all things boating?

Certainly, yes but I was thinking of something else. I was thinking of volunteerism – not to be confused with malady of being from Tennessee (the “Volunteer State”, get it?).

As a relatively “new” club (we’re only 35 years old), we had to do many things by ourselves, as we could not afford staff to do all the stuff we wanted. We were started by folks in the marine industry so the “do it yourself” attitude was in our early DNA. We have kept that up over the years but I am afraid we are beginning to lose this positive element of our club.

What makes me say that? Well, the Leukemia Cup had to absolutely beg folks to help out – both on land for the “after” party and on the water to staff the race. Begging finally yielded barely enough boats for us to meet our obligations, which was kind of embarrassing since we share this worthy race with our AYC neighbors.

I recognize that we are all busy but these recent events should make us pause and consider that our Club needs members to volunteer not only for our committees but also events and regattas. Not only does this help our Club events function the way they should it is also a great way to get to know more people.

Speaking of Regattas… As most of you should know, EYC will be hosting the J/80 World Championships at the end of September and the beginning of October. This regatta is a really big deal. It was last held in southern France on the Mediterranean and while most of the sailors will be North Americans, there will be sailors from Europe and possibly elsewhere. Sharon and Jeff Borland have been leading a group that has been preparing for this for over a year. Hosting a regatta of this sort is a real honor.

It is also a real responsibility, one that EYC does not take lightly. There will be inconveniences for some members as we will have to empty the marina for the duration of the event. Parking may be affected from time to time. These are slight inconveniences that come with a yacht club of our heritage. We’ve made similar efforts with the Santa Maria Cup, the Melges 24 World Championship, the Lightning North Americans, the Women's World Match Racing Championship, even the J/24 World Championship going all the way back to 1992, but in the end, the slight inconveniences do not outweigh the benefits to our Club and our sailing mission.

Keep an eye out for future notices on the J/80 Worlds as well as other events at which you can lend a hand. The Club and your experience with it will be all the richer for your efforts.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy…

June 1, 2014:  I think EYC has got its groove back. After a fantastic brunch for Mother’s Day and Blessing of the Fleet, we followed it up with an equally impressive party for the Commodore’s Reception! I think we can all agree that Bill and his staff have done a great job with the events that made for a great time for everyone.

Then, with only a few days to prepare, we had a great turn out for the return of the Blue Angels for Commissioning Week. Good times.

Speaking of parties, we have Spring Cotillion coming up June 5. This is an Annapolis tradition that marks the start of the Annapolis to Bermuda race. The tradition – one that had a different name in the old days – meant that all the work in the yacht yards to get the boats ready for the race was over and a party broke out.

EYC, as the host of the start, carries on this proud tradition that occurs once every two years. It is a great party but Special Events Chair Carol Vilardo is still in need of some volunteers. If you can, please go to the Club website and look for the link to sign up. I guarantee, you’ll have fun.

Those of us who are fathers know that “Father’s Day” is not quite as important as “Mother’s Day.” Nevertheless, we do recognize it at the Club but we won’t have a brunch but rather music on the deck. You Dads should consider ending your day of recognition by cooling out on the deck with a nice cocktail and some music.

But life at a yacht club is not all about parties, is it? No, it is about enjoying the water. To that end, let me give a special shout out to the Marina Committee for the work they have done to improve the transient situation for Club members with boats. We have limited space for transient docking but our crew is working to maximize it.

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May 1, 2014:

Back to Normal

In the period immediately after World War I, a time of incredible events and changes, the new President promised a return of “normalcy.”  The natural urge of people after great changes is often to enjoy forms of familiarity. Well, my fellow EYCers, this Spring is shaping up nicely for some traditional fun.

The Commodore’s Reception returns after a year’s hiatus and since it coincides with the Preakness Race, I’ve asked our staff to make it have a “day at the races” theme. For a small charge we will have some regional fare, fancy dress and open bar for a couple of hours. Come on down and watch the Maryland part of the Triple Crown and enjoy the festivities.

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Emeritus Issue: Coming to a Resolution

May 20, 2014:  For nearly two years, the leadership and members of EYC have been struggling to make changes to the Emeritus status to meet various concerns about that membership. What were the concerns? Well, it depended who you asked.  Some felt it was just fine the way it was. Some felt that the numbers were about to be overwhelming in the very near future years. Some felt the discount allowed for Emeritus status over a Voting Member was way too generous. Some objected to the fact that if you merely met the demographic test (20 years in and 65 or over) then you automatically got approved – in effect, an entitlement.

Late last year, there was a proposal to eliminate the category for all future candidates. That provoked a very heated debate inside the club that spilled into people’s email boxes and an on-line discussion on the Club’s web page. Accusations flew, rumors were everywhere and motives were questioned.  It was truly ugly. 

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April 1, 2014: Ladies and Gentlemen: Get your boats ready!

To paraphrase the late Gerald Ford: “My fellow Americans, our long winter is nearly over”… OK, we still have rain and some colder temperatures to endure but we can all start getting the boats ready for the core boating season. Racing, cruising, gunk-holing, fishing, whatever. This is when you know it’s great to live on the Chesapeake Bay. Start wearing your flip-flops and get out in the boat yard.

The Club is also getting ready for the Spring and Summer. The annual “clean up” day had to be postponed to April 19 so if you have some time to spare, look for the announcements and sign-up link to volunteer. We need help on the grounds, the building and the marina. Even I – not the handiest of guys – will be there to help get things in shape.

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