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EYC Cruiser's Update

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Annual Memorial Day Weekend Event

Mark your calendars for Saturday - Monday, May 22-25, at Granary Creek off the Wye River at the beautiful Wye Island NRMA. There will be fun, frivolity, games and a catered plus pot-luck dinner ashore  This is the 17th annual event, which EYC co-hosts each year with the Chesapeake Bristol Club, the Magothy River Sailing Association. and (new this year) Club Beneteau Chesapeake Bay.  Come by land or by sea (bring a dinghy); reservations not needed. (PS-Event Planning Date is May 11 at EYC)  Questions? Bob Arias 410-925-3033, Wally Gribbin 410-757-4895, or email the Cruise Committee.


Leukemia Cup 23rd Annual Event

Leukemia Cup (May 29-30, 2015) has a class for boats that "don't normally race." Visit the Leukemia Cup website for more information. Go the EYC Racing web page to register. Summer & Gala Auction by Annapolis Yacht Club Friday, May 29, followed by the Leukemia Cup and 2015 Honored Hero Skipper, by Eastport Yacht Club on Saturday, May 30, exciting post race awards party and entertainment at EYC.

4th of July Sassafras River Event

Meet up for the 4th of July Event of the Year at Georgetown on the Sassafras River, Georgetown Yacht Basin. Fireworks and much more! Anchor out or get a slip (410-648-5112). Organizers TBD (This is your opportunity to volunteer!)

Spontaneous Day and Weekend Cruises

This year, we're 'planning' more spontaneous day and weekend cruises. Expect one or two each month. So check the web page and watch your email. Sign up for emails here.


Oyster Gardening for Cruisers

Hello prospective Oyster Gardeners. Now's the time to thinking about oyster gardening - The Chesapeake Bay Foundation provides a valuable service in offering instruction, 'spats' (baby oysters), help with cage building, and great advice. If you haven't done it yet, It's a wonder to see them grow right there off your own dock, or off your marina's pilings. Call Patrick Beall, Oyster Restoration Specialist, MD. 410-268-8816 ext 2065 for detailsm or visit the Oyster Gardening website.

Participate on Cruising Committee

Cruising Committee meets monthly in the EYC conference room 7:30pm, the 4th Thursday of each month. All EYC members are welcome!

Looking for Pictures

We've noticed lots of photographers at recent events. For the annual end-of-season pot-luck party in December, Bob Arias creates a slide show. So collect your best shots in high-res (500 KB or better) and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Cruising Committee meets monthly to plan activities. We welcome all EYC members to attend and provide input and new ideas. We have reserved the conference room on the 4th Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m.

EYC Cruise Committee 2014 Summary Report

Submitted by Bob Arias, Cruise Committee Chair, 25 September 2014

In 2014 the Cruise Committee coordinated close to 15 on-water cruise events plus a number of club-based social events. Some events were “come by land or sea,” enabling members to come by either boat or land yacht. We hosted several pot luck dinners and seminars on boating topics during the winter, which were well attended. The annual April Icebreaker Cruise/Dinner was held at the Kent Island Yacht Club. This year's rendezvous locations included the Sassafras River, Baltimore (twice!), the Severn, the Wye, the Rappahannock, Choptank, and the Chester Rivers, Cambridge, and St Michaels. We’re happy report that quite a few new and younger EYC members (or at least new to cruising) have joined the cruisers ranks.

Two special cruises deserve highlighting.  One was a long 4th of July weekend cruise to Georgetown on the Sassafras.  We had great fireworks, good eating and even a wine tasting, all without the typical crowds one gets on the Western Shore.  Second was the Star-Spangled Spectacular in Baltimore, with multiple Blue Angels shows, a huge fireworks display, and many visiting ships.  (For this, there were crowds.) Both cruises were organized by Rob and Carroll Greve, who deserve special recognition, essential acting as co-chairs.

We also did some "outreach" type activities, such as a day cruise for EYC staff, and a day cruise of Junior Sailing graduates, as well providing many boats for the St. Johns College sail picnic.  We should plan to do more of these next year.

Cruise Committee members include Bob Arias (Chair), Kathy Arias, Rob and Carroll Greve, Bill and Anne Sieling, Bob and Jan Miller, Brad Merry, Terry Otis, Rob Gauthier, and Julia Newhouse and Dennis Jay. Commodore Miller and especially Vice Commodore Ersts often attended and were very supportive. The Cruise Committee meets monthly and meetings are open to all. We have received excellent input from some non-committee EYC members who have participated in our meetings.

Last year, we moved the 200-name cruisers' mailing list from the chairman's computer to a central server. This enabled designated Cruise Committee members to communicate with cruisers anytime from anywhere. When we have a "popup" cruise or need to make a last minute change, this proved useful. We need to work on automating cruise signups

As cruising activity expands within EYC, the Cruise Committee has discussed the need to form subcommittees/work groups (e.g., communication, publicity and event planning)   to conduct the committee's work efficiently and effectively, as well as accommodating different cruising styles such as day trippers and power cruisers.

"Thank you" to all the volunteers who acted as cruise coordinators and anchor boats this year. Others include Wally and Jean Gribbin, Terry Otis, Cynthia Palmer and Jim Brooks, Bob Clopp and Prue Clendening, Dennis Jay and Julia Newhouse, Pete and Jane Chambliss, Brad Merry, and Bill and Anne Sieling.  Note many are "new" on this list.  And a special thanks to Kathy Arias for helpful advice.

A note regarding the chairmanship: I have served in this position for many years and believe it's time for a new chairman. We need new blood and new ideas. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to serve as the Cruise Committee Chair and to work (and play) with so many dedicated EYC member volunteers and staff. Kathy and I will gladly remain on the committee to assist with the transition.