Furthering the enjoyment of boating!


BLUE DRAGON OPTI PRAMS (8) - Ages 6-11 designed for young sailors and up to 80lbs.

Novice and Seaman sail with a partner.


SUNFISH (6) - Ages 9-12 designed for sailors +60lbs.

Beginners sail with partner.

Intermediate & Skipper sail solo wind dependent.

CFJ11 640x404

CLUB FJS (6) - Ages 12-15 is a double-handed dinghy designed for ages 12+ over 80lbs.

Intermediate & Skippers are introduced to spinnaker handling.

 WAP Picture Kayaks (4 adult/4 child), 6 Paddleboards – used for water fun and team building.
 Jr Big Boat Sailors J22s (3) – Keelboats used for Adult classes, Bay Cruiser/STEM weeks, Intermediate and Skipper Classes to intro spinnaker, race skills, and to further explore the Bay.