Outfitters is a group of energetic volunteers who purchase and sell merchandise decorated with our EYC burgee logo. We carry standard items such as hats. belts, burgee stickers, burgee pins, eyeglass croakies, ties, oxford shirts, and polos.  We also have a rotating inventory of specialty items for women, men, special events, holidays, gifts, and surprise sale merchandise to keep our members looking great throughout the year and to provide that special gift for a loved one. 

There is great merchandise available for every season and occasion.  Please come check out the merchandise displayed in our shop as you enter the club.  The volunteers have times setup to sell through out the month.  Please check the Newsblast and the calendar for times.  If the volunteers are not selling, the staff (if not too busy) can always help you find a personal item or that special gift.

Latest News is Outfitters Has Everything You Need for the Holidays and More!

Come by anytime we are selling to purchase great gifts for that special someone.  We have a special EYC ornament which can be customized on the back by the artist.  We also have lots of new youth items and baby bibs.  Lots of stocking stuffers and small items to give to a someone as a thoughtful thank you gift.  In addition, we have pilsner, cordial, and rocks glasses for your holiday parties. 
If that is not enough to get you excited about what our group does, we just completed our annual photo contest where members and friends submit pictures.  We made a lovely calendar from the pictures we received.  The calendar is available now and provides a special mention for the person providing the picture. 

If you are interesting in joining the Outfitters Committee as a volunteer to sell our merchandise, we would welcome you to join. We have a wonderful group of members who enjoy volunteering to sell as a way to meet people at the club. We sell as part of events and up in the bar/dining area, so you are in with the crowd having fun and meeting people. All we ask is for you to volunteer two or three times a month for about three hours. This is not a huge commitment and is usually on weekends and evenings, so even if you work you can participate. If interesting, please contact us at Outfitterschair@gmail.com

EYC History

Ever wonder just how EYC came about?  Well there’s a short blurb on our web site and new members get a brief brain dump on EYC’s origins, but these are snapshots at best.

Several years ago, a small group of old hands started gathering data on our club.  Meeting minutes, photos, newsletters and anything that spoke to our origins quickly filled a filing cabinet, several boxes and part of one of the club’s store rooms.   Stories, anecdotes, and recollections of our founders, past commodores and long time members gave further life to the hard copy.  The idea of doing a book that traced our history and video-taping the early members quickly evolved.

This over three year effort has resulted in a book, Eastport Yacht Club: Back to the Future 1980-2015, and an accompanying DVD of first hand accounts. $30 and available from Outfitters!

Upcoming Events

Tuesday, December 11th
Sunday, December 16th
Wednesday, December 19th
Friday, December 21st
Sunday, December 23rd
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