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Reciprocal Club Member Use of EYC


In the spirit of reciprocity with other clubs, we welcome visitors and offer use of our facility in any way that does not interfere with Club activities. EYC may honor requests for reciprocal privileges from members of recognized yacht clubs (upon presentation of evidence of such membership and appropriate identification):

  • outside a fifty (50) mile radius from EYC for up to seven days in a 12 month period;
  • inside a fifty (50) mile radius from EYC for up to three days in a 12 month period.

In no case will the Club honor a request for reciprocal privileges from members of virtual yacht clubs.

Visiting yachtsmen must register with the Club Manager or with EYC staff on duty when they arrive at the Club, and must make suitable arrangements for the dockage of their vessel and the payment of any fees for goods and services purchased from the Club. See below for information on transient use of the EYC marina by reciprocal club members.

Also, parking in the EYC parking lot is limited to vehicles with a current EYC sticker on the lower left corner of the windshield and to designated parking spots. Any cars without stickers will be towed at the owner’s expense.

In addition, EYC participates in a burgee exchange program. If interested in exchanging burgees between your club and EYC, see the information on exchanges below.


The marina is available for transient use by members, their guests and members of Yacht Clubs with reciprocal privileges. Prior approval for transient use (provided space is available) must be obtained by contacting the Waterfront Manager,, 410-267-9549 ext. 8, for Transient Dockage and Rates. All visiting boats must check in with the Club Office or EYC staff on duty upon arrival.

For purposes of transient use, the marina is comprised of the A Dock Jetty, the floating B Dock, the C Dock Jetty, the C Dock Pump Out Jetty and the Junior Fleet dinghy launch dock. Separate rules apply for each dock to accommodate the varied uses of the marina. Designated Dinghy docking is between A16 & A17.  Click here to see a map of the marina: Marina Map
The A Dock and C Dock and their respective Jetties are available for transient use unless otherwise posted. All users of the Jetty must move their boats in as close as possible to shore to accommodate other boats. Access to the fairways must be maintained at all times to allow tenants to reach their slips and the hoist. Space on the Jetties may be reserved up to thirty days in advance.

C Dock Jetty is reserved for Race Committee use when regattas are in progress. Boats docking on the C Dock Jetty closest to the floating dinghy dock should stand off and maintain 10 foot gap (from the North end of the floating dock) to ensure floating dock users have the option to launch from the North end of the dock. Small boats that tie up to the floating dock are reminded to tie to rope rings on the edge of dock and not the cleats across the floating dock to prevent tripping hazard.

Use of B dock (the floating dock) is limited to member boats 26 feet or less, for 2 hours or less, and not within 100 feet of the Crane. Members must sign in at the bar and be on the premises for the duration of their visit. Docking at the T end of the floating B Dock is strictly prohibited.

Members (including reciprocal) and their guests are responsible for all damage to EYC property caused by transient’s vessel or use of the marina. EYC shall not be liable for injury or damage caused as a result of use of the marina.


If you are visiting from another Yacht Club, you may participate in the EYC burgee exchange program. As part of the program, EYC displays exchanged burgees from other clubs in our bar. Our bartender can check the “EYC Burgee Book” to see if we have already received a burgee from your club. If not, you may trade your club burgee for an EYC while you are visiting.

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