Welcome to the Feva Fever!
Our doublehanded sail program is designed for ages 10-15 weighing 80+ lbs. We offer several levels of learn to sail including: Beginner/Seaman, Intermediate/Mate, Advanced/Skipper. We recommend at least 30 hours of instruction for beginners to master the fundamental skills.

The kids AND instructors love the new RS Fevas. They are a much lighter doublehanded boat and more appropriate for our summer sailors. They are easy to rig and stable for beginners, but still have more power with main, jib and spinnaker. The asymmetrical spinnaker will challenge and excite the more advanced sailors. Get excited for summer and join the 'Feva Movement'!

Check out the Feva Growth in North America video. The RS Feva XL is the world’s leading double handed dinghy for youngsters and parent / child teams. Chosen by families, clubs and National Authorities to build the pathway to a lifetime in sailing – the RS Feva offers a double-handed alternative and a stepping stone at the crucial time in sailing lives. Exciting performance is the secret behind the success. Modern styling and practical features make it irresistible.

  • Seaman, Beginner, Ages 10-15 | 80+lbs
    • This class introduces and builds basic sailing fundamentals in a double-handed boat geared for older and/or larger students. The curriculum emphasizes terminology, teamwork, seamanship, boat handling (both crew and skipper), scoop capsize recovery, and course sailing. Sailors will have both skipper and crew opportunities.

      One Week FULL DAY: 9:30AM - 3:30PM, Costs:$475/$425 EYC Members OR
      Two Week Half Day,
      9:00AM - NOON, Costs:$475/$425 EYC Members
      Session 1: June 15 - June 19 Full Day *Bring lunch daily
      Session 2: July 6 - July 17 AM *NEW 2 Week - 30 hours of consecutive instruction! Benefits of more time on the water.
      * Add another week of summer FUN! Register for Feva Mate, Bay Cruisers, Jr. Big Boat, Bay STEM Week and get 5% off

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  • Mate, Intermediate, Ages 10-15 | 80+lbs
    • * Experience required.
      This class is a continuation for older students to build skills in a double handed boat. The curriculum includes more tiller time and advanced sail trim. Activities include course sailing, introduction to the asymmetrical spinnaker, challenging on-water games, long sails, an introduction to the race course, STEM activities.

      One Week FULL DAY: 9:30AM - 3:30PM, Cost: $475/$425 EYC Members OR
      Two Week Half Day PM: 
      1:00 - 4:00PM, Cost: $475/$425 EYC Members 
      Session 1: June 22 - June 26 Full Day
      *Bring lunch daily
      Session 2: July 6 - July 17 PM session *NEW 2 Week
      Session 3: July 27 - July 31 Full Day
      *Bring lunch daily

      * Add another week of summer FUN! Register for Feva Skipper, Jr. Big Boat, Bay Cruisers, Bay STEM Week - Get 5% off.

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  • Skipper, Advanced, Ages 11-15 | 80+lbs
    • This class is a new challenge for skippers and crews with previous double-handed boat experience. This course focuses on improving double-handed dinghy skills through drills, asymmetrical spinnaker work, advanced boat handling, racing and STEM challenges. Students are also introduced to keelboat racing on the J22.

      One Week, FULL DAY: 9:30AM-3:30 PM, OR Cost: $475/$425 EYC Members
      One Week, Half Day Afternoons, One Week: 1:00 - 4:00PM, Cost: $245/$210 EYC Members.
      Session 1: June 29 - July 3 FULL DAY
      Session 2: July 20 - July 24 FULL DAY
      * Add another week of summer FUN! Register for another Feva Skipper, Jr. Big Boat, Bay Cruisers, Bay STEM Week- Get 5% off

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