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Thank you for your interest in membership in Eastport Yacht Club.

Ownership of a boat is not required, but a strong interest in boating and active participation in the volunteer-based community of EYC is a necessity. Membership in EYC is not predicated on bloodlines, gender, ethnicity, or financial depth at mean low funding. In fact, we are quite reasonable. If you’re age 35 or under, the Junior/Associate Membership Categories make joining most economical. According to our by-laws “…any human being of good character and reputation, shall be eligible for membership.” EYC offers a wide variety of activities and events, both on the water and ashore, for all ages and many interests, from racing to cruising, junior sailing and signature events such as the annual Lights Parade, and more. Shoreside, we have the best view in Annapolis, a cozy clubhouse with bar and restaurant service, and parties and social events year-round.

Steps to Become a Member of EYC

For information about the current dues and assessments, please click on “Information on current dues and fees” button at the bottom of this page.

  1. Identify your Sponsor and Endorser. When applying for membership at EYC, you must have the support and written endorsement of two Voting, Senior, or Associate members who are in good standing and have been members for a minimum of six months.
  2. You can apply online by clicking the Online Application button below. This is the preferred option. You can also pick up a paper application form at Eastport Yacht Club, 317 First Street, Annapolis MD, 21403.
  3. Your Sponsor can help you determine your membership category.  Membership at EYC is individual; spouses, and children under 21, are also afforded club privileges (except voting).  If applying for Non-Resident membership, please ask your Sponsor to share with you the Bylaws and Policies related to Non-Resident membership so that you know the limitations and obligations of this membership category.
  4. Please complete the online application form including your sponsor and endorser contact information and their member numbers.  The system will then contact the sponsor and endorser by email to complete their recommendation.  Also, submit your $100.00 application fee to the EYC office:  EYC New Member Application, 317 First Street, Annapolis, MD 21403.
  5. Once all the parts of the application have been completed and your check received, the office will submit your application to the Membership Committee, who will contact you, your Sponsor, and your Endorser to schedule your interview. If applying as Non-Resident, your Sponsor or Endorser may represent you at the interview. After your interview, your application form will be posted, along with your photo, in the clubhouse for member comments.
  6. After the posting period ends, the Membership Committee will make a determination on your application. If approved for Voting Member, your name will be added to our Wait List in the order in which applications were received. The Club’s Voting membership is capped at 660. When an opening occurs, the first name at the top of the Wait List will be invited to join the Club. Until you become a member, you are considered a guest in the Club, and you must be signed in by a member. After you are on the Wait List, you are a guest of the Membership Committee and will receive a guest card that allows you to come to the club up to 3 times per month unaccompanied by a member, but you may not invite guests until you are a member. You are encouraged to participate in committees before you become member – it’s the best way to break the ice and meet new friends at EYC. If approved for Associate, Junior, or Non-Resident member, you will be invited to join the Club immediately after the posting period.
  7. When you are invited to join EYC, you will receive a welcome letter and invoice. You will have 30 days to accept or decline membership. All fees and dues are payable within 30 days of receipt of invoice.

Online Application Current Dues & Fees

See you at the Club!

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