Living Wave Wall

EYC is in a very busy waterway and we experience heavy swell from boat traffic and storms, to the dismay of slip-holders. To buffer wave action in the marina, EYC established a unique bulkhead structure that is populated with live oysters. As the oysters grow, the shells form clumps that act as a buffer to wave action. The bulkhead is comprised of a series of concrete shelves, which hold concrete triangles seeded with baby oysters.  Check out the wonderful photos of the wave wall by clicking the button below:

Watch a video provided to us by Capital SUP:

Watch a short EYC marina underwater video:

Oyster Gardening in the Severn River

Oyster gardening is the practice of growing oysters using a cage suspended from a pier. Cages are used because there is more oxygen in the water column above the seabed and they protect juvenile oysters from predators. We receive oyster spat from the Maryland Grows Oysters program, place them in the cages and nurture the oysters as they grow. In July the oysters are placed on Bay oyster sanctuaries to mature.

Check out the wonderful photos of the oyster gardens by clicking the button below:

Oyster Garden Photos

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