EYC Environmental Stewardship

The Eastport Yacht Club is a responsible steward of the environment, putting special emphasis on protecting the Chesapeake Bay. Our oyster initiatives improve water quality. We educate our members on environmental issues, reach out to our relevant communities, and abide by best practices to organize clean regattas and establish a clean clubhouse and clean marina.

Eastport Yacht Club receives the Steward of the Creek Award for 2019

ANNAPOLIS,MD -- The Spa Creek Conservancy presented the Steward of the Creek Award to Eastport Yacht Club (EYC) at their annual Bay Stewardship Holiday Event on November 17th.  Read More Here ...

For more information about the Eastport Yacht Club’s environmental efforts or to get involved, please contact the Chairman of the Environmental Committee at green@eastportyc.org.  If you are a member, you can also get more information about volunteering on the Environmental Committee Page

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