One of EYC’s environmental goals is to consistently run sailing regattas at the highest “green and clean” standards achievable. EYC follows the clean regattas guidelines promulgated by the nonprofit organization: Sailors for the Sea. Their mission is to unite boaters to protect the ocean. Sailors for the Sea offers the world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events. The Clean Regattas program offers race organizers, program directors and marina managers the support and resources necessary to reduce their environmental impact. One-part education, two-parts activation, Clean Regattas unites and mobilizes sailors by offering support and resources to help conserve and protect the ocean. EYC has been a regional leader in operating Clean Regattas.

Following the Best Practices of Sailors for the Sea (SFTS) (, EYC has been awarded the most Gold-Level Certifications than any of the over 200 host clubs participating in the program. 2019 clean regattas include:

Leukemia Cup Regatta (
East of Maui-EYC Chesapeake Stand-Up Challenge
Boomerang Race
The CRAB Cup
Annapolis Labor Day Regatta
J/70 Fall Brawl
Friday Night Beer Can Series

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  • Creating Clean Regattas
    • Other yacht clubs and organizations have asked us how we approached our award-winning clean regatta efforts. It was not without challenges, but with perseverance we accomplished our goal of Gold-Level certification with Sailors for the Sea (SFTS) (

      Our marina, built in 2010, was awarded a Clean Marina Certificate by the State of Maryland (DNR Marylnad Clean Marina), which helped fulfill several of the Best Practices of SFTS. The 2014 J/80 Worlds regatta was our first attempt to meet enough of the Best Practices to achieve Gold-Level. We enlisted the support of Annapolis Green ( to help us with the recycling and composting efforts required. We were certified Gold-Level, but we realized that our challenge was to accomplish this on our own and we have succeeded.

      Recycling: Because regattas accumulate many bags of recyclable materials, the club decided to have recycling pickup on a regular basis. The club now has a number of recycle bins and a large recycle collection bin that gets picked up on a weekly basis. This also supports our clean club efforts.

      Composting: A bigger challenge is composting, both from a pick-up and an educational point of view. Today, we only compost at our regatta parties and at some larger house parties. There are very few composting companies that are able to use industrial compost, however, we found Veterans Compost ( will do it for a nominal fee. In the meantime, our club is working at being able to compost club-wide and in 2019 became 100% single-use plastic free by using compostable plates, utensils, cups, straws, bar picks, and bags when reusable items are not practicable.
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