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Website Login Instructions & Helpful Tips

Welcome to the new website!

Getting Started:  


  1. Follow the instructions you received by email for logging in.  If you did not receive instructions or need assistance logging in, please send an email to requesting instructions or with your questions.
  2. Set your user name and password. Make your username whatever you want. But it’s not secret so we can see all the weird usernames you select. Bear that in mind! Your password must conform to the rules displayed. 

Check out the site!

Member Directory:

This is where you will find your profile, as well as the directory. In the directory, you can search for another member by first name or last name. You can even use a partial name or a member number.

You will also find a tab labeled My Profile. You can update any information in this area that is not grayed out. In fact, you're encouraged to do so.  You can also upload a picture, and you can decide what things you want to be visible in the online directory. If you want to change anything in the grayed-out area or delete information completely, please send an email to requesting your changes.

Just an FYI, you can't blank something out in the directory. This has to be done in by by sending an email to the This includes your birth date. The default value for everyone in the directory is 1/1/1900 for birth date unless you previously gave us a birth date. You can change 1/1/1900 to your actual birth date if you like. No one sees the birth date in the directory. It is only there for you to see or the staff to see in a birth date coming up report with only the month and day displayed.

Navigate around the rest of the site:

Go exploring. The look and feel of the website is very different, but much of the content is the same. Some of it is still under construction. If you can’t find something you’re looking for, send an email to

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