Outfitters will be out and cheerfully selling at least once a week.  See the schedule dates under Upcoming Events on the left hand side of this page.

Outfitters Has What YOU Want!

It's 2020! Let the Rumpus Begin!

Thanks to our wonderful Committee and Club Members, Outfitters had a fun and fabulous 2019. We are excited about the new year ahead and change of Outfitters’ leadership team. After three years, Carly Piel is stepping down and will leave the committee in the able hands of Jane Lipscomb (continuing Co Chair), Michele Eberle and Sandi Hiller.

L to R Carly Piel, Michele Eberle, Jane Lipscomb, Sandi Hiller

Our mission is to oer a variety of branded merchandise, to have all our members, their boats and even their pets, in some kind of EYC gear and at the same time, keep the prices reasonable and affordable.
Outfitters is a surprisingly complex and multi layered job. Over the years, we have gone from one fearless leader, Janis Beach, who held the reins for 5+ years, to two and now to three. We feel that dividing up the many tasks will keep Outfitters on the good track they are on in the coming years.
If you would like to get involved with Outifitters for the first time or again, we welcome you! “It takes a village” and “many hands make light work” from selling and organizing to shopping, communications and special events.
It’s also a great way to meet your fellow club members and help keep everyone looking good! Outfitters needs YOU!

Calling all new (and old) members – Outfitters committee is a great way to meet members. Please join us at a meeting (3rd Tuesday of the Month) to explore working with Outfitters!

NEW! Outfitters Gift Certificates!

Been struggling to pick out the perfect EYC gift because you’re not sure of best item, style, color or size? Problem solved! Now you can purchase an Outfitters Gift Certificate in any denomination you choose and it’s good for one year for Outfitters gear (only) from the date of issue. How great is that? You will never go wrong by giving a Custom Gift Certificate for any amount!


Join Outfitters as a Volunteer to Sell Our Fantastic EYC Merchandise!

If you are interested in joining the Outfitters Committee as a volunteer to sell our merchandise, we would welcome you to join. We have a wonderful group of members who enjoy volunteering to sell as a way to meet people at the club. We sell as part of events and up in the bar/dining area, so you are in with the crowd having fun and meeting people.

All we ask is for you to volunteer one or two times a month for about three hours. This is not a huge commitment and is usually on weekends and evenings, so even if you work you can participate. If interested, please contact us at Outfitters@eastportyc.org

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, January 22nd
Tuesday, January 28th
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